F Chord Practice

Hopefully this works. 2 minute video of me doing F chord changes. Any and all help would be appreciated.

F Chord Practice


Video worked, Michael. You are doing good work, keep doing what you are doing.

Perhaps when you’ve made the F shape it might add to the drill to lift the fingers up from the strings maybe a centimeter and then re-place them for F again.

It may be just camera angle but looked like you have quite a bend at your left wrist. If that is the case you may want to explore posture, how you hold the guitar to try and get the hand and the forearm to be straighter. For example holding the guitar so the headstock is raised so the neck is not parallel to the floor but angled up to the headstock. As I say, may be an optical illusion, so ignore if not the case, otherwise perhaps experiment a little.

That’s the stuff Michael.

You are definitely on the right track practising moving from open/other chords. I struggle with that.

Having said that a +1 for David’s comment too…

I had difficulty getting your video to work Michael but got it going in the end. (on an iPhone).
Your F chord is taking shape. Well done.

I agree with David about the awkward wrist angle. Are you resting your arm on your leg? If you are, you must get rid of that habit.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll work on that wrist angle.

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