Falling Slowly from the musical Once

Beautiful song. Pretty simple and a great one for finger picking. I strum the chorus with my finger nail. This is kind of a condensed version. In the recording they have an instrumental section and outro.

Really want to get the singing on the chorus better :grimacing:

If anyone has suggestions on improving this, let me know!

Falling Slowly - Once


I love this Joe and wouldn’t change a thing. I like the vulnerability of your vocal. The range of vocal and guitar tones builds the mood of this piece.

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That was wonderful, Joe, the playing, singing, and quality of the recording. Beyond my play-grade to be able to offer you any critique on how to improve that. I know just enough to appreciate your capabilities, both playing and singing.

Hi Joe nice meeting you! Great cover and beautiful sounding guitar. How did you record it? Sounds really good!

@DavidP it’s actually a lot easier than it looks David, great song to dip your feet into fingerpicking. I posted it to AVOYP a long time ago and @adi_mrok even played it live on one of the first OMs if I remember correctly. Here’s a lesson on how to play it:

Sorry for the small hijack but it’s just such a great song everyone should learn it. @CYPGMB I’d love to hear you cover it, your voice would be perfect. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This was really nice Joseph! Just keep it up, I think this song will grow together with you on your journey.

On the suggestion side, your mic recording was very quiet, if you can, increase mic gain or volume level in post production. When placing yourself in front of the camera, try to not sit in directly in the center but a bit to the left (camera wise) this way the head of the guitar will not be cropped. Details but they should help you so look and sound better. Lightning was spot on, I like the window reflecting on the guitar’s surface :slightly_smiling_face:. Overall quality of the picture is very good!

As for the reference, performance of the song by Ulli Boegershausen (one of my favourite fingerstyle guitarists) and Reini Adelbert - Falling Slowly with Ulli Boegershausen - YouTube.

Additionally, solo fingerstyle acoustic version - Ulli Boegershausen: Falling Slowly - played on Lakewood C 32 Edition 2019 - YouTube.

Hope you will find it useful :slight_smile:.

Hey Joe, where are you goin’ with that…
Arrgggh, I can’t believe I just pulled that corny one :roll_eyes:

Well, for starters you could sing it on Grafton Street with an Irish accent…
Arrgggh, I just did it again! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Seriously, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your backstory and music.
(Actually, you should probably be welcoming me)
We occasionally get accomplished musicians dropping in to share their warez, some genuinely interested in being part of this community- very few with such a long JG history/pedigree such as yours :smiley:
A number of us here have had the pleasure of online lessons with the guru, but you’re the first I’ve come across who’ve had in-person lessons. Also I see in another post that you are test-driving the expensive pick- so a true disciple indeed!)

That’s an impressive recording setup you have, looks very professional.
I like the song, the picking and strumming was on point. I always worry for the singer when I know a high note is approaching, but you handled them well.

My one tiny nit would be that if I’m watching someone perform, I feel much more engaged when they are looking at the camera (It’s all about me!). I presume you were playing from a prompt of some sort? Even if you were able to move the camera near that, it would increase the sense of communication. I’m the worst offender on this point.

Overall 9/10, just because it’s good for us to think we can improve.
Good to have you here and look forward to more contributions.
Cheers (from an ex-Dubliner) :smiley:

@Thejoechoi Hi Joe!
There’s not much I can say, is there? Your playing is faultless, seriously bordering on being envious :smiley:
What camera do you use for this recording? Everything looks and sounds awesome.

@SS7 thanks for the recommendation. I can begin to learn this one but I think it will take some time because it looks quite tricky for me. Good one for improving my fingerstyle though. I can assure you my recording will be nowhere near this one ^^^

Hi Joe this was really good, picture quality sharp as razor blade wow. Playing was spot on, interesting way of playing pre chorus I think I made it a bit more complicated to myself which doesn’t really matter in the end, it’s just different :grinning:

Falsetto part is a bit tricky, I would love to explain how I do it but I don’t know, it just works on itself haha. You need to push your voice sort of over to top of your head and very close to back of your nose (if that even makes any sense) and a bit of breath before you start to get yourself a momentum. Try just playing around for few mins a day in front of the mirror and after probably some days of practice it will click.

As far as playing goes all looked great man, fantastic first entry. If you want to see how I did it I also posted this cover on my youtube channel, I won’t post it here as I feel I would be hijacking your thread so you can go over to my Learning Log post and there is a link somewhere :slight_smile: all the best and thanks @SS7 for a shout out, it was you who actually inspired me to cover it :grinning:

Joe, that was great! I hope to be going seriously down the fingerstyle path in a month or so. Got a plan to really up my game in late July. Look forward to seeing more of you here. The inspiration is palpable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! Glad I can be an inspiration. I still get self conscious playing guitar in front of others.

Yeah, I’m back in voice lessons after a two year hiatus. Darn pandemic! Gonna work on singing in that higher range.

There’s a version out there of Glen Hansard with just his guitar. The video is old and quality isn’t that great. His playing and singing is very “loose” compared to the stage versions with an ensemble. It’s very raw. That’s the one that inspired me.

I definitely check out your take on the song! See if I can add anything to my playing arsenal.

Beautiful performance, Joe. I enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Not much advice to offer on improving it, other than to just keep playing and singing it.

So I do voiceover and I’m also an actor. I have an entire studio/office area with sound absorption panels, lights, a camera, various microphones, and even an isolation booth. But I just recorded this on ye’ olde iPhone.

This is a great finger style one to start out with. Basic chords and simple melody!

Definitely not an accomplished musician. lol.

I mentioned in another reply that I do voiceover and also an actor so I have entire studio/office setup. But I used my iPhone for this recording. I want to experiment with some of the other gear. It would probably sound better, but also require editing on the final video.

Wasn’t using prompter for this one. I’ll try looking into the camera. I’ve heard the opposite too. Looks more natural when you’re looking down and away, etc.

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Definitely. Songs always feel like they’re a work in progress. I guess it never goes away?

Was using the iPhone for this one. I do have better mics and cameras. I’ll try to tinker with those over the coming months to find something that works. Progress not perfection!

Just used the iPhone. I want to experiment with my other mics and cameras for future posts.

Never beyond your play grade to comment/offer suggestions! You were a listener of music before anything else.


Thank you! Want to experiment with some dynamics on this song in the coming week. But just wanted to make my first post!

Hi Joe, I’m very much a beginner but just wanted to say that was quite lovely. I really enjoyed listening to it!

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A few of us here have begun using the software OBS to make videos. You can feed audio into it from an Audio Interface. Works well with a camera connected to the computer or can receive input via WiFi from a phone camera.

Perhaps an option for you to explore that would enable better quality audio and keep the visual simple, still using your iPhone as the camera?