Feedback: Consolidation Practice Routine and Goals

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve just reached the consolidation phase of Beginner Level 2 and I’m trying to figure out the best path for the next step in my guitar journey. I’ve found what I really enjoy is anything bluesy, and improving with backing tracks. My thinking is to focus on that for a while. With that in mind, I’ve put together this practice routine.

I’d love any feedback on it, if there is anything I could trim out, or anything I’m missing.

My primary goals at the moment are to get better at blue improv, and also focus on learning songs I can play with my sister (she’s in a band - more pop stuff and crowd pleasers which I’m happy to play too).

I’m trying to do this by focusing on a couple of things. First is learning things that will help with when I’m jamming over blues tracks on my own. Second is playing songs while my sister does the vocals. I want to learn a new song every two to three weeks I can record and post up here for feedback.

What I’ve done has mostly been in a bubble so far, so I’m very keen on hearing what more experienced guitar players think about my current path and plan.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks ok to me but I don’t think that active song listen belongs in a practice list especially if there’s only 4 mins of it. I listen to music most of the day on and off, when I want to learn a specific piece I target that piece usually from live and studio performances; it’s also good to listen to covers also for ideas to make it your own rather than just a direct copy!

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I’d say this is the area to concentrate on. At level 2 consolidation you’ve got a lot of skills under your belt. It’s time to make sure they work!:smiley:

Hi James,
Well done and certainly good if you are going to record what you are doing, … that is a whole different experience, look at yourself and listen…changing music lives for me,.although of course I knew I look beautiful on the video`s :joy: :roll_eyes: … And if you really want to play blues you should also but add some beginner blues lessons from Justin to the list,…Right?..have fun and wish you a nice learning curve :sunglasses: