Finally found a solo tab

First off, apologies as i have not been on here for ages. Long story short, got a new job, made redundant after 9 months, found another job within 2 weeks and now working 10 hour night shifts!

Anyway, i have been searching for a tab for my favourite ever UFO track, On with the action from Heavy Petting. I found one for the rhythm part, but couldn’t find the solo anywhere, so learnt the rest of the song and enjoy playing it. Love early UFO especially as Michael Schenker is my guitar hero, and have loved this song since i first heard it.

Never thought i would even think about learning a Michael Schenker solo, but now i have the tab for the solo a have set myself a, possibly, unachievable goal! I’ve learnt the tiny intro solo and it wasn’t too bad, and started the next short one, also not bad so far. Fingers crossed for the main one.


Good to see you Ross. Slowly slowly catchy monkey !


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