Finger Stretches & Pinky Finger

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I have been working on Justin’s finger stretches and have a question for the experienced folks in the forum.

It is pretty hard to get to 4, 5 & 6 strings with my pinky finger w/o re-adjusting my my hand, arm and almost my whole body. The pinky really bends inward ALOT and it makes it hard for me to play these strings. Will it get better over time? Are there any other exercises that you recommend specifically for the pinky? Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi Miguel and welcome to the Community.

You will be pleased to know yes it will get better with time and practice. What you can do to make sure you maintain the form, as Justin describes in the lesson, is to start a little higher up the neck and work down. I found starting at the 7th fret was a good way to start the stretching process, fretting between the 7th and 10th, as the frets are a little closer and when that feels comfortable move the the 6th and repeat and then to the 5th and work down from there.

My old hands lose their flexibility quite quickly, so I always do this as a warm. But I always start at the 7th before working down to the 1st fret.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you Toby for the quick reply. I will move up to the 7th fret and start there.

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