Fingerstyle Studies 6:8 and 4:4 - Helen 0609

Wow, Andrea, that just sounds absolutely be-au-ti-ful! Very well played. It’s obvious that you have put in a lot of work to get to this point. Especially considering the challenges you faced last year. (Very sorry to hear this). Thanks so much for sharing this milestone. For me this is very motivating as it shows what is possible with consistent practice. :smiley:
Most importantly however, I hope you have thoroughly recovered from your health issues last year.



Oh my god :joy: :joy: :joy:, I couldn’t stop laughing, when I read this! So funny!

@SILVIA Thanks so much for the kind words! You, your playing and your videos always were great inspiration for me, I love your passion for the instrument and your musical approach. I got so much out of your performances and they mainly were the reason why I gave it another go :hugs:
I really learned a lot from picking and I start to love it :slightly_smiling_face:.

oh, that makes me blush :smiling_face:, but also very happy! Isn’t it great, that we can share our journeys together?
I hope the weather in Italy got better, we heard a lot about falling rocks and landslides in Italy! :kissing_heart:
@SgtColon Thank you very much, Stefan! For the first one, I have to admit, I used an earbud with the metronome on, but not for the second one. Happy you liked it!
@Socio You were also one of those inspiring persons, I got lots of inspiration from, thanks for watching! Ha, the Cort isn’t so new any more :joy:, it’s already a few months now and it reminds me, that I still didn’t make a NGD post :see_no_evil:. It’s a great guitar, only needs a setup, action is way to high, which is very exhausting. But I love the sound and the shape, very well built and a real beauty. Thanks again for the review of yours, never regretted the purchase :smiling_face:.
@franzek Thanks for the kind words! Yes, practice really pays off, can’t count the hours I’ve invested in my guitarplaying as whole so far. But I love it and it helps a lot in those disappointing periods. Thanks for the good wishes! :dizzy:


That was some lovely picking, Andrea! :clap:

Notes ringing out crispy and clear, patterns were consistent, rhythm solid - what a great way to get into recording and posting here again. :smiley: Also, I’m always happy to see other Cort guitars. It has a great tone for picking.

Both pieces sounded sweet and you seemed so relaxed while playing (no guitar face detected). With killing me softly you had me humming to your playing after a few seconds. :slight_smile:

Keep my fingers crossed for you that this year won’t be coming with some issues and you can enjoy yourself and playing guitar much more again. :four_leaf_clover: Looking forward to your next contributions already. :slight_smile:


Hello Andrea, congratulations on progressing with your fingerpicking work :clap::+1::smiley:!
Your playing sounded very consistant with clear chords and steady rythm. Very well done :star_struck:.
Keep on the great work!


Very nicely played Andrea! Very smooth & relaxed feel… I especially liked your version of Killing me Softly! I regularly listen to the Roberta Flack version when I’ve had a stressful day, it’s just so relaxing & I think you really did convey that mood! Thank you for sharing!



@Lisa_S Thanks Lisa for the nice words, the good wishes and for taking the time to listen! Happy, that you see my playing as relaxed, it’s something I’m working on, as I noticed a very tense facial expression whilst recording for practice :joy:-
I love the Cort (I guess Cort guitars are somewhat underrated), I hope to get it setup in the near future and then it will be a dream to play!
@NicoleKKB Thanks Nicole! I know, you are working on your fingerpicking skills too and what I have seen so far, you’re doing really well, I guess, better than me! Yes, I will keep up the work, it’s so rewarding! :heart: :guitar:
@CATMAN62 Thanky you for your comment, Tod! I love “Killing me softly”. It’s a wonderful song and I hope to get better and doing it justice :wink:. I’m tcurrently trying to add singing, which isn’t so much of a problem to combine playing and singing, but I’m not to happy about my voice so far… another thing to work on :joy:.


Andrea, I won’t quote but now it’s me who is blushing! We all start somewhere, right? :blush:

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you for sharing these two great performances, Andrea :sunflower:

I enjoyed both a lot. You’ve picked two very lovely songs and played them beautifully.
After the live club with Joe I’ve tried fingerpicking myself, and it surely isn’t easy :sweat_smile:
You made it look relaxed and effortless.
I’m still an absolute beginner, and your beautiful performances are very inspiring and motivating for me.

Keep up the great work - and wishing you the very best for your musical journey and your health :guitar: :sunflower:

Gunhild :lady_beetle:


Thank you Helen. It is a matter of time and determination. And sorry to hear about your noisy neighbour, I have the same problem in the warmer months.

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@Gunhild Thanks, Gunhild, I‘m happy you liked it! I made some progress within the last weeks and hope this phase will last for a while…. :joy:. Joe‘s lesson was quite challenging but very inspiring, sure I will give it a go! Gunhild, I wish you lots of fun with your guitars and, at a point, are we going to be able to hear your red Brian May clone singing? :heart: :guitar:


Thank you so much for your response, Andrea :sunflower:

It is so kind of you to remember my red six-stringed fellow. Yes, the Red Special is a lot of fun to play, but I’m still such a lousy beginner and don’t do her (and especially the legendary Brian May) any justice at all yet :innocent:
And a lot of community members are very talented and much more advanced than me. Watching all these awesome AVOYPs (including yours) here in the forum surely is very impressive and motivating, but can also be quite intimidating.
So I guess I won’t step into the light very soon :grin:

But I’ll surely try a bit more fingerpicking. I really dig it and there are so many lovely tunes on my wishlist.

Have lots of fun and success on your ongoing musical journey, too :guitar:

Gunhild :lady_beetle: :guitar:


Just go at your own pace :wink:. Everyone is different (e.g. I’m nobody who feels the need to perform, others do), but there’s no need to feel intimidated in any way, if you decide to post something. It’s such a supporting group here and everybody started at a point. Just do what YOU feel comfortable with! :guitar:


What did I miss?! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Apologies for being “absent” and not seeing this when it came up, Andrea. But what a wonderful surprise to come back too! Such a delicate, enticing style of fingerpicking you have. The lovely flow and rhythm of both pieces made them a joy to watch :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing your playing with us! I’m hoping we will get treated to much more throughout the year! :wink:

This is hilarious!! Literally made me laugh out loud :rabbit: :rofl: So funny the little things we see in ourselves when we watch recordings back :sweat_smile:

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Happy you liked it, Jeff, just my very humble first attempts :blush: on fingerpicking…
And even more excited, I made you smile with my comments :wink:.
I guess you missed the Joe Robinson Class in the Clubs too:

And the very nice thread of our lovely @roger_holland, who is definitely already on the “Right Train” :smiley:
The road to ‘Freight Train’ Joe Robinson techniques


A nice soothing listen with my morning cup. Lovely sound and well played.

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Thanks, Dave, and thank you for listening!

Very beautiful playing, I’m sorry I did not get to see and reply sooner! I really liked and thank you for sharing, Susan

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Thanks Susan, you are very kind! Thanks for listening :tulip:!