First We Take Manhattan (cover)

After last week’s over-the-top gimmickry, normal service has resumed @ casa Larsen :smiley:
‘Normal’, as in start learning a song, become enthused and press record before it’s oven-ready.

@ToshS covered Hallelujah recently and that reminded me of this classic, although I based it on REMs cover version, which is far superior.
I’ve always loved the song, but actively disliked the chorus (too ‘boppy’), so took the liberty of substituting a chord or two to make it less cheerful.
I created a Trio backing track and asked Chris and my son Tor to record some guitar and bass parts but became impatient and went solo while waiting. I played a bit more loosely and relaxed than usual in the hope that the extra bit of overdrive would conceal all sorts of cracks. (Standing, with guitar strap a notch lower than usual to look less ‘dorky’.)

Apologies for the long duration. Complaints to Mr. Cohen, please.


MORE THAN ELSE???.. :scream: :hot_face:

:smirk: Well it didn’t… :rofl:
A 10 + for the effort, the standing and the rest in between…and the end with jengelstengel…But if I have to express personal preference, it was a bit too much with the distortion…

I did enjoy it though… let that be clear, but the sound from the speakers was a bit softer this time

Changing chords to the dark side? Hum, you’re not going Digger on us now are you? :face_with_peeking_eye: I mean I think most would say happy is good?

This is a little different than your normal fare and I like it. I also like the body color of the guitar with the dark neck and headstock. Looks cool… You got a good lean on that whammy bar!

Well dude, keep rocking and all the best to you,

Mr Cohen is receiving a lot of complaints today as I understand it.
Oh-oh. Whoops. Different Mr Cohen.

Have you heard Jennifer Warnes’ version?
First We Take Manhattan (Digitally Remastered) - YouTube

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That wouldn’t be a bit of borrowed chords in action would it?


I haven’t said bravo for the splendid entertainment my little chickadee.

Welcome to the dark side ! Those minor changes made a big difference. REM made it feel like a jolly holiday, glad you dragged it back to a full on assault. Nice bit of crunch in OD !
A welcome break between POD Go Videos, you’d love some of the tones and fx me boy :wink:
Great share top job.


Now then Brian that’s more like it. A proper song. Terrific stuff, that goes on the set list!
I thought the vocal was one of, if not the best, you’ve given us. If you were trying to give it the Cohen vibe you certainly achieved that.
You added your own spin with the heavy fx which I think really worked and the Trio backing was spot on. I don’t know which chords were the substitutes as I’ve never played the song, but they certainly fitted. Well done, that was excellent.

I think I know this best from SRV, but nice work with this!

Hmm, I’m unsure, what do we take after Manhattan? Not sure if I caught it.

I thought that was pretty good Brian. Good crunch tone.

You’re one of the community’s real performers - always great to watch the Brian show.

Berlin seemed to the place of choice. Perhaps with Brian’s love for the place, it tipped the song choice but I somehow don’t see Mr Larsen relishing NY. I oftened wondered where they were taking them. :wink:

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Where oh where will it all end, Brian. Fabulous the way you keep marching on. This sounded great, a punk rock vibe to an LC song. The backing on the Trio worked well though would have liked the drums louder. And vocal delivered with your usual flair.

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I see, didn’t quite catch that from the song… Seems aspirational, but maybe not the best logistically if planning to take a series of cities :thinking:. I recommend consulting a map :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Long swim involved, perhaps better to start conquest taking London :laughing:


Well there would seem to be a Berlin in New Hampshire US. That would be closer. :rofl:


Berlin, USA, a town of 10,000 people and shrinking apparently! Less impressive but closer to manhattan perhaps?

@DavidP London would make more sense as a starting point, take London then Paris maybe, via the channel tunnel. Easier drive that way.

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Great entertainment once again Brian.

I thought the backing and distortion were great. Really well sung as well. You don’t need other people in your recordings as you do a cracking job on your own.

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The queues at British border crossings are somwhat delayed these days so not necessarily fast or easy! :wink:

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Shows what I know about the other side of the world :joy:

Why is that Richard :wink:


Well as we were heading north I would suggest London, Ontario and then Paris Texas. :rofl:

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