Fix You Cover - Cold Play

So i did this one a while back but i think it a better job of it this time around. I absolutely adore this song. I tried to put feeling in it as much as I could. Couple mistakes but i ran with it! Enjoy! Fix You Cover ColdPlay Acoustic - YouTube


I noticed I got off rhythm at the end lol, just a heads up! Other than that i think i did great! I can relate to this song and its such a heartbreaker but at the same time there is hope at the end of it all. Cheers!

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You are doing your thing Mr B. If you self-assess and come to the realization that you did great, then that’s a better place to be than most. We tend to be our own worst critics. Keep doing your thing, you have 105 subscribers and plenty of views and comments on your channel. There are those that parcel out advice that don’t put themselves out there or take the chances that you take. Any day that you post a video is a good day for me. Keep pushing and bring the heart and passion!!

EDIT: Just saw you on TikTok. Do your thing man, do your thing!

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Thanks CT! :slight_smile: Haha yeah i been making little shorts for tiktok.

Love this song! You did a really good job with the cover too!

Thanks man! Im glad you liked it! I tried! :smiley:

Another good one Byron. I do like how you strum and pick individual strings with such ease.

Thanks Socio! Yeah its one of my fav techniques! I guess i learned how to do it when i learned house of the rising sun. That was my first song i ever learned.

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Really good standard of playing and singing. If this was being played in a bar or wherever I wouldn’t think there were any issues with it at all . Well done

Thanks Lewis!!! :slight_smile:

Another good one from you… I liked it and great to put yourself into it as much as you did!

All the best,

That was a different take on it and I thought it was excellent. Nice job Byron.