Fly Like An Eagle Cover

Hey guys i have wanted to do this one for awhile now and finally got to it!! Hope you guys enjoy! I know some of my rhythm is not perfect but it was fun none the less! Lol this song is tough to play and sing with the rhythm going on to, kudos to you guys that can do it! :smiley: Enjoy! Fly Like An Eagle Cover - YouTube


Good to see you still cranking out the songs, Bytron. Liked the rhythm on this.

Hi Bytron, liked the strumming technique a lot. Vocal story telling strong as usual for you! Good stuff.

Really liked this Byron. I was particularly impressed by your strumming. Thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Some nifty chord changes there Bytron. You’ve got energy in the strum that drives this along. Nice work.

Nice one buddy, good to see you posting again - you nailed it! Great stuff :+1::+1::+1:

Very cool. That sounds really good on an acoustic. As you mentioned, you had some rhythm issues here and there, but overall it was good, and I loved the way you were getting into the song and feeling it. Well done!

Terrific strumming pattern and technique Byron. Real driving stuff. Your vocal was great too. Well done.

I hope i can strum like that one day. I think that sounded awsome!!

Wow thanks you guys! Im glad you all enjoyed it! :slight_smile: And as always thanks for listening! :slight_smile:

Its pretty easy, but singing and playing the rhythm is soooo hard for me. But the main part only consists of Am and G. Then the chorus is Am, D and F.

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It’s not really noticeable that you struggle with rhythm and singing. You need to give yourself more credit! I guess everything is a challenge in some way. That’s part of the fun in doing it. :grinning:

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Yeah that’s true, I do like to challenge myself to! And your right it makes it fun!! :slight_smile:

Fab strumming technique @Bytron08
Nice one! :grinning:

Thanks Ecc!!! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!!!