Focusrite, amp & headphones question

Do you have any recommendations as the ones I have found have the reviews saying that the sound is rubbish?

As an alternative do you (or anyone) have any recommendations for large over the ear type which will allow me to keep my plastic ears in?

Sorry, I don’t. I have never used any. The only bone conduction headphones I have used are my Shokz Openswim.

Can you explain what “plastic ears” are? I have never heard that term before, and Google was less than helpful…



Sorry about that. That’s the phrase I use for my hearing aids!

Ah, gotcha.

This is the sort of thing Google gave me:

Are they in ear, or behind the ear?

Do you have the ones that can have a separate loop transmitter. I wonder if it’s worth exploring that route if it’s an option.



Err, no, although looks like a certain monarch :slight_smile:

Both. There’s a bit that goes in the ear (similar to what musicians use on stage as monitors) and the electric behind my ear.

The aids are designed to connect to my phone and an external microphone via Bluetooth but having tried this previously the sound is tinny and horrible.

If Bluetooth is not an option due to latency then and over the ear type that covers ear & aid is the other option.

@Stuartw Justin has a link to Amazon for an inexpensive over the ear closed back earphones (AKG) in the Module 14 home recording lesson Learn More website text. I purchased them and they are very light and have a thin (not coiled) reasonably long cord that doesn’t get in the way too much. I saw that Justin cautions against using BlueTooth earphones for home recording.


Maybe worth dropping a line to someone like sennheiser as they seem to do headphones for those needing hearing assistance as well. They maybe able to give you some suggestions.

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I would ask my daughter, who wears “plastic ears”, but I know she tends to remove her aids when using headphones.

This article mainly suggests Bluetooth headphones, which are no use for you in this application, but there is one wired headset mentioned which may be worth exploring:



Thanks for the link.

I had forgotten about that one!

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I got a quote from a local amp repairer and they wanted £70. Considering I only paid £40 second hand I don’t think that I will bother!

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What are they using, platinum wire and gold solder?

Perhaps it was too small a job!!

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Someone might be able to help you, Stuart, or know someone who is local to your area, although your profile gives no indication of your home area … :thinking: … however that is of course your prerogative.

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Its a ‘go away’ price, they dont want the business.

Worth a look inside see if its just a wire or the jack.

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That includes a ‘minimum price charge’ basically it’s not worth their time if it’s just soldering a wire or something that simple.
It’s worth looking inside and seeing if there is anything obvious, make sure you try a plug in it while you’re looking.

Thought that when I got it.

One for the weekend I think.

Had another look at this and much to my surprise I have found that the headphone socket is not broken. Just needed to turn the volume up high. Strangely if I run it through my Boss DS-1 pedal the volume is good (at lower volumes on amp & guitar) but with it off the volume is about non existent unless turned up a lot. I’m guessing that the pedal boots the sound!

Santa brought me a pair of these and they work great over my plastic ears. Opened up a whole new world of opportunity. Perhaps I should add that to my opportunities section from @LievenDV


Stuart, that is great. I am glad the earphones worked for you.