Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio

There are other options, to consider used by members of the Community. I stand to be corrected but pretty sure there are free DAWs that are fully functional, comparable to a Pro Tools or Logic.

Cakewalk by Bandlab is fully functional and free.


Hi @DavidP ,
Last week i got my focusrite 4i4 . and to download Avid -pro Tools was not possible anymore
So i started with Ableton,…and my 8 years old computer is now out of order :see_no_evil:
it must be a coincidence, but while downloading and updating all kinds of things,…a permanent white screen…my wife can now access the photos again, but that is also the case a little bit of everything…I’m now tapping her brand new laptop…but I don’t get permission (yet??) to use hers :grimacing:
I’ll try again next week, but I’m really a computer… :upside_down_face:


Roger, one of the things that Reaper is noted for is how effectively and efficiently it uses PC resources. You can check that out here

@Matt125 just mentioned Bandlab’s Cakewalk, which is free, and perhaps it may also be more suitable on an older PC than the latest version of Ableton.

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Roger, I also should have said until just recently I used Reaper with projects that were more than just a couple of tracks with a PC with 8GB of RAM. Eventually that proved inadequate for my biggest projects with the plugins I was using, but that would not be an issue for you. Probably even less memory would be fine for initial simple single or two track recordings you may be making.

Thanks, i’ll look into it.
But it still feels a bit of a shame, I also bought the 4i4 because it would come with an extra good software package (you pay for it anyway).
But I think my computer really died…at least I hope so…then I can buy a fresh one

BandLab has two products, one is called Catwalk which is a full functioning DAW, the other is call BandLab itself. I am using BandLab, the good thing is that it is cloud and web based. I use iPad or iPhone to do the recording which is more convenient for me, and then use windows PC to do the editing. The other feature I have not tried is the collaboration, which may be something our community members can look into.

@DavidP Thank you for the little essay David, A+ for you. :smiley:

I am a laptop user and I want to learn a product and stick with it, so thank you for the warning about the products that come with the Focusrite.

I will go with Reaper as I remember it being recommended before (possibly by you) and like I have said, I don’t want to spend hours learning a product and then having to re-learn another down the line due to restrictions or high cost implications.

My 2i2 should be with me tomorrow. Exciting times!


My pleasure, Stefan.

I assume the laptop is running MS Windows.

I am a Reaper user and there are many regulars here who also use it. So that plus its resource usage and its video tutorials make it a good choice.

But I can’t comment on Cakewalk. Perhaps worth taking a look at it as an alternative?

But if you just go with Reaper I don’t think it be a bad call.

I stand to be corrected but you may find that the light version of Ableton is available to all, so paid for.

When I bought mine it came with a digital instrument piano which would cost to buy plus some other plugins that I think are not free.

No idea if that is the case. But I’d view the price as being for the AI.

Hi David,
So the “free” software is available to everyone :see_no_evil:
Now i feel a little :relaxed:…thanks for your input…again.
In that case…Reaper…is it going to be it,as soon as I get a new computer…or the old one works again.
@SgtColon …Stefan.I’m curious about your findings, please post them here,…good luck with the installation, and have fun with it,
Greeting ,Rogier

Roger, just had a quick check and perhap there used to be a light version but not anymore. So you were right, I was wrong.

Just did the check on Pro Tools and see they have discontinued their free light version.

So maybe back in 2017 when I purchased my 2i2 perhaps the lite versions were freely available. And maybe that change is now why you only had a license to Ableton’s.

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Ableton “light” and other light versions of DAW tend to be provided as parts of various hardware deals… basically anything that comes with an AI whether it’s an amp or pure AI.

To be honest I’ve never really hit any limitations with Ableton light. The full fat version includes some addition features and most importantly a huge library of effects. However any VST2 or 3 plug-in work and there are a huge number of free ones.

In terms of learning one product over the other they all basically work the same and it’s understanding the workflow ( which applies to all DAW) that is key.


Ok guys, thanks for the clarifications… i’m going to let it sink in, and maybe other people will add more information, but i have to wait for the laptop repair, or my wife’s going to use … and then first try that ableton again, if that works then that’s fine, otherwise I use Reaper…

I assume you confirmed your computer meets minimum spec for Ableton:

  • Windows 10 (Build 1909 and later)
  • Intel® Core™ i5 processor or an AMD multi-core processor.
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1366x768 display resolution

Yes,but thanks for the reminder,i hxte computer stuff like this…but unfortunately no idea yet what is going wrong with my computer,…although it is getting a bit more life,…it seems that the last update flattened everything…but during the installation van de Ableton stopped this process every time (2x) just before the end … we’ll see later…

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Thanks again peeps for all the help.

@DavidP Yes, my machine is a Windows one.

@roger_holland I will let you know what I think of Reaper when I’ve had a play.

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I’m just setting up my 2i2 and I’m following the part on the video tutorial where it is showing me how to record.

Now the guy is inserting two tracks, one for vocal and one for guitar. He then names that tracks and he then chooses which input to to use but when I insert two new tracks no options come up for inputs, it just says “centre” in the area.

Did anyone else have this problem?


Stefan. I think you said you’d install Reaper as your DAW. If so to see inputs you need to ‘arm’ the track for recording. That’s the red circle button on the left of the track.

I encourage you to watch some Kenny videos on getting started. Sure it will save time in the long run. Those are the video tutorials on Reaper website.


Thank you @DavidP that worked a treat. :slight_smile:

I’m just working through the setup video’s on the Focusrite website.


Great, Stefan. My experience in setting up my 2i2 was that following the installation instructions step-by-step worked fine. If I recall correctly there were some specific instructions as to how to sequence the ASIO driver installation and when to plug the interface into the computer.

And once the driver was installed then it was simple enough in Reaper Preferences to select the appropriate driver and that set me up to record in Reaper from my 2i2, with the option to pick Input 1 or 2 once the track was armed.