Folk Fingerstyle Practice

December 16, 2022 - YouTube I practice some of this everyday and am working on a few songs in this style. I never had a clue how to do this until I watched Justin’s Folk Fingerstyle Module. It quickly became my favorite thing to work on.


Hi Greg,
Nice :sunglasses: :clap:,…Funny how such a (at first sight,and they are also beginning patterns, but oh, it took some time :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:) simple thing sound as nice music,…I myself am also busy with those finger patterns almost daily,…unfortunately not on an acoustic one because I think that sounds better,… …have fun :sunglasses:

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Hello Greg, this was really nice :star_struck:.

I like fingerstyle very much and know, that - although it looks easy - it definitely isn’t.
Right now, I’m practicing some fingerstyle songs for Christmas, and man, is it hard :see_no_evil:

Thanks a lot for sharing your video. It was very enjoyable :blush:.

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