Four Of My Developer Songs

Developer Songs Montage - YouTube These are four of the songs I have in my developer category. I hope to be able to play these well all of the way through within the next 9 months or so. I’m not sure about Jolene though. That riff is tough, even at +/- 75% speed. We’ll see!

I meant to list the songs: Slow Cheetah / Red Hot Chili Peppers, Landslide / Fleetwood Mac, Tears In Heaven / Eric Clapton and Joline / Dolly Parton


Bravo, Gregory, you are well down the path and making excellent progress on the songs. I can imagine much effort went into getting all these learned to this level. Keep on going and I am sure you will achieve your goal, sooner or later, they’ll all be in your campfire repertoire.

Sounded good Gregory and some lovely picking there. Might be good to list the songs you’ve got in your montage (either in the YT video or here) for those that don’t know them.

Brilliant playing Gregory, so super fingerstyle going on there.

I knew 3 of the 4 songs you were doing, it’s was just the first one I couldn’t get, so bravo!

Hi Gregory,
Sounded great to my ears and well done! Your finger play looked awesome as well. Keep up the good work as to me, you are well on your way!


Sounded great, nice fingerstyle.

Well done Gregory. Some lovely fingerstyle there. :+1:

Nice start on all of these, sounding good! Work in progress videos are always interesting to see, thanks for sharing.

Hi Gregory I am glad I saw your video it was a pure pleasure to listen to those tracks even for a short while. You really surprised me with the first song, honestly didn’t think anyone will know Slow Cheetah on the forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you play well hit most notes correctly for most of the time, two things I would try to work on in your case:

  1. trying to get into a song’s timing, Slow Cheetah and Tears in Heaven are a bit short to original tempo so try building up the speed by increasing speed of the original track even as low as every +0.05x of the original speed.

  2. I will sound like a broken record here but thumb placement is something to look at. By placing it more parallel to strings you get lots of benefits out of it such as:

  • getting your index finger out of the way of the thumb
  • making your fingers more perpendicular to the strings so that your picking motion becomes more vertical (no scraping sounds along winds of the string)
  • enables you to play some more complicated percussive and picking/strumming techniques

I found it awkward at first but I was able to play a lot faster and cleaner as soon as I made the switch. Give it a shot! :slight_smile:

Overall well done!

We all have ‘our thing’, Adrian :grin:

Maybe you should write it up, with the picture, and post in an appropriate place. Then you can just link to the topic and it will be available to all.

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Thank you. I will try what you’re saying. Encouragement is good, but I think constructive criticism actually has more value.
I’ve played guitar on and off for many years, but finger picking is relatively new to me. I started watching Justin’s videos about a year ago and came across his “Folk Finger Style” lessons. I’ve decided this is the main course I want to follow.
Thanks again.

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Hello Gregory,
Nice choice these devolepers, and you set yourself realistic goals…if you have really mastered these …well, then you are pretty much there :sunglasses: …especially that E.Clapton can do a lot become a thing to fully master :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:…but definitely doable now you are already that far,
Good luck and i wish a lot of fun,
Greetings ,Rogier