Friends + The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin

OK thought it about time I should post a video in here, and with the new Maton…

So chose Fiends by Led Zeppelin, never played it before yesterday. Been playing since the start of the year, and generally have issues more with timing and strumming esp when changing sections of songs, so this being 168bpm and 8th note strumming etc was a challenge, its also quite a loud thing to smash out, not sure it works quietly, recorded on my phone so all apologies for quality of both the playing and the recording!

Oh one other thing - I get distracted easy, this is a hack - the song uses an odd C tuning which means whilst i have the guitar tuned this way I cant play anything else I know. I think this helps!

Decided (this wasnt in the plan) to do another Zeppelin track this afternoon, again not played this before, got the first part okish, a beautiful song that has a bit of a more subtle touch to it for me to try and butcher…


The tone of your new Maton swept me away to somewhere good Rob. I can only imagine how it would sound through good gear. I like the energy and drive in the way you play.

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I wonder if plugging in (via the fender gtx as aio or via my real tone cable / bias fx) would sound better, I’ve decent cameras but it’s all a lot more effort than the phone!

Next song should be a bit quieter and more dynamic I think

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Hey Rob, sounding good! What a great first share, can’t believe you’ve been posting for so long and only done your first AVOYP now :grinning:.

Guitar is pretty awesome btw. I went away for a few days and missed your NGD thread :exploding_head:. Seems we have picked a lot of similar gear so far, I have a Maton SRS70c. I think the main difference is my one has a Spruce top (blackwood sides and back) where yours has a Blackwood front. Awesome guitars.

The AP5 Pro pickup system on it is really good btw, apparently one of the best acoustic pickup systems out there. I plug mine in direct to my Scarlett 2i2. The Rocksmith cable has quite a bit of noise vs an audio interface so connecting via the GTX might be the go (my GTX is plugged into my 2i2, haven’t tried direct).

Hopefully the first of many videos!

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Thanks! Yeah I played a srs70c and it was gorgeous!

Tried my crafter with the realtone and it was a mess thought it was broken works OK through the gtx but I’ve heard the USB out isn’t great…?

Nice guitar
Nice playing (super-impressive for one day!)
Visuals are more Robert Plant than Jimmy Page though :wink:

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Pretty sure I tested one like yours in the shop as well, at least it looked the same and was all blackwood! Can’t remember the model number I tried, could have been slightly different.

I started with a realtone cable and the PC, lots of noise, if you go an audio interface you won’t be disappointed. I never tried GTX USB into PC. The video I just posted was Guitar → GTX50 → XLR cable → Scarlett 2i2 → PC.

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Thanks Brian! I dont mind the Percy reference to looks though I think you need to book an eye exam anyhow…

Decided (this wasnt in the plan) to do another Zeppelin track this afternoon, got the first part okish, a beautiful song that has a bit of a more subtle touch to it for me to try and butcher…


Very nice Rob on both counts, guitar sounds fabulous and you played both tracks very well; I’ve not really listened to Friends before (shame on me being an avid Zep fan), Rain song is one of my favourite songs of theirs, anyway you played both well and congrats on breaking the ice!

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Hi Rod. Terrific tone from the Maton. You’ve certainly picked some difficult material to christen your new guitar with! I love the more acoustic side of Led Zep and you made a good job of both songs.
Vibes from me for posting your first AVoYP.

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Good stuff Rob :clap:.

Sounds good to me :blush:.

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Thanks Darrell , both are really fun to play so give them a go, the odd tuning is worth a play with at least.

Thanks ! I heard this Page guy was ok so why not learn from him!? I got the paisley shirt now so almost there…

Both have been a good exercise in playing if not learning the underlying music

Thanks Edgar!

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Both sounded good to me Rob. The open tuning sure does create some interesting possibilities and sounds, that droning low bass note.

If possible, the cherry on the cake would be for you to sit a little further back so we could see the whole guitar and your face. Otherwise I thought the audio via the phone was pretty decent.

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Thanks David, actually just watching Justins alternate tuning video he done recently now… I’ve played about with the odd tuning but never really looked any deeper

I’ll try move back some more, the phone front camera isnt very wide angle , as I said I have much better cameras around so could employ those once I get things going a bit more

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That was very different Rob, thanks for sharing! Lovely to see your new guitar in action, all in all you did well and I enjoyed it!

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Thanks, I’ll assume different is a compliment… :joy:

I meant it in the nice way, alternate tuning is not something my ears are used to thats all :sweat_smile:

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aha! Thanks!