From the minors to the majors

Hi David,
I did not find the length to be too much. Your introduction in type made me thing it ran 6 minutes plus… So I think the length was fine.

I hear a bit of the high fuzziness on on your looped rhythm guitar that I shared about in a prior email. I don’t know if that is GTR or your play acoustic or what on that one? Any ideas there? It could also be my bionic ears too…

I liked the lead work and play. I need to look up the major pent as I am not familiar with it off hand. I may have messed with it if it goes by another name?

At any rate, good stuff and keep improving on you progress, both on guitar and in healing!

@DarrellW , thanks for the suggestion Darrell. Can hear how this song evolves to keep it interesting.

@oldhead49 thanks Dave. I did try a bend and my technique and strength not up to bending those 12s. I’ll get back to the electric as soon as I can, influenced by the doctors orders not to do any heavy lifting and my electric is a heavy beast.

@stitch and in that time, Rick, I transcribed the intro licks in Wonderful Tonight and then invested time in working on the Layla intro solo. While the latter is not transcribing I did take onboard the suggestion that rather than noodling away it would be a smart move to learn actual solos, to work on real licks in a musical context. And just before I went in for surgery I was working on learning the Need Your Love So Bad solo, which I will return to when I am able to play the LP again.

@oldhead49 transcribing some slow blues would also be a good idea, Dave. Though I confess getting fully into that will recover overcoming some anxiety and doubt. I think Justin as a premium course with some solos that can be transcribed and I imagine one can get some pointers in the lessons on the key and perhaps where to start. So I don’t need to be persuaded as to the benefit of the approach.

For now, while resuming playing, I think the noodling is helping to get the scales under the fingers and that should help when transcribing.

@lbro thanks LBro. The tone on the backing is probably the result of the amp settings. It was played on my acoustic and recorded in a looper which then plays back through the amp. I was also playing a little louder to try and have the phone pickup more of the lead sound from the amp rather than the natural acoustic. I suspect that was too much volume for the phone and may have resulted in some clipping. Major pentatonic goes under no other name but the scale shapes are the same as the minor pentatonic, just different root notes and scale intervals, so the difference is in how you play the scale in context. I’ll keep on, slow and steady on both.

Well done David, that sounded great. Lots of excellent suggestions from others here and I’m certainly not in a position to add anything.
I’ll just quote you and say “keep on keepin’ on”.

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@sairfingers thanks Gordon, glad you enjoyed it and of course we keep on :slight_smile:

Well that 4 minutes shot by for me David, so I can understand how you get lost in the music and time just goes.

There were some sweet licks in there and it was a great bit of noodling.

On the critique side of things and I’m no expert but around the 3 minute mark some of the notes sounded off but maybe that’s just my ears.

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@SgtColon Thanks, Stefan, good to hear it was not a drag to listen through.

Your ears are in good shape and you heard the moment when I got lost and played a lick/phrase across the G & B strings that ought to have been played across the D & G strings. One note on the B string was real sour and got played a couple of times. Gold star for the hearing.

This reinforced the idea that sometimes a note outside of the scale pattern is OK, either as a passing note or to end a phrase (which I think would depend on the chord you were playing over) and sometimes it can be way off, in which case one can quickly move to the next or previous fret which will likely be OK. O repeated the sour note as my playing of the lick happened faster than my hearing the mistake.

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Listening to it made me feel better. :slight_smile: I don’t visit forums often because it distracts me from practice. :smiley: So it’s been a while since I’ve seen your video David and I can tell you have improved. I also hear that you are exploring different ideas, some work and some don’t, but that’s how we learn, so it’s all good. :slight_smile: Keep it up. :guitar:

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@kamkor Thanks for taking time from practice to watch and comment, Kamil. I know how finding that balance is a challenge … I probably err on the side of too much time in the Community :laughing: Glad you enjoyed it and appreciate you acknowledging progress. That is what is most important to me, not any particular milestone, just slow and steady small improvement.

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