G Chord Explorer: Tasty Variations!

Time for some more chord explorations! Let’s learn easy G chord variations and build your guitar freedom. :slight_smile:

To anyone who wants it, here’s the PDF containing the most important G shape variations.

G Shape Explorer

The PDF is still accessible on the resources tab of the old Chord Shape Explorer lessons that were part of the old Playground.


FYI, the grade 2 song, “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow uses G shape variations 2, 8 and 9 (G, Gadd9, G6), which can be seen in the grade 2 song lesson video. It is interesting that in the Beginner Book 2 where it appears as a stage 4 song, Justin uses a Gsus2/4 chord which is different from the song video lesson.

Oops, my mistake. I looked at the song video lesson again and saw that a Gsus2/4 chord was used instead of the Gadd9. I had practiced it wrong today, looking at the song video. I should have taken Justin’s advice, trust your ears, because it didn’t sound quite right when I was playing it. The Gsus2/4 ( 3x0213 ) is a Gadd9 with the first finger also playing the C on the first fret, second string like the Gsus4 variation. So you have another G chord variation to add to this list that combines the Gsus4 and Gadd9 fingering. I think of it as playing an Fmaj7 shape in the first 2 frets with the first two fingers and forming the G with fingers 3 and 4 in fret 3.

Awesome. Many thanks for taking the time and sharing.