GDPiper169 - May 2023 - Tears In Heaven + Hurt (2nd attempt)

This has been one of my “dreamer” songs for many months now and I still have a long way to go. I just decided today that I would record and post it.
It’s funny, when I push the record button on my phone, it gets harder to play.


Hurt - 2nd attempt

1st attempt is here


Well done!

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Really good thanks for sharing nice :slight_smile:

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Already sounding good :clap: the ‘dreamer’ will be a reality in no time at all :v:

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Awesome job! I love that song and you really got a handle on it!

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Hey Greg, great progress on a great song. In certainly sounds like you’ve learnt it and now it’s time for polishing.

I couldn’t help but notice your hand seems to move around a lot, with some pretty big finger movements. It seems to coincide with some jarring sounds with those picks. Take a look at guitar lesson videos of the song (Justin’s, or Carl Brown / guitarlessons365 are good examples) and look at their hands, they move their fingers but not the hands. Perhaps sorting out that technique part could make the whole song easier to play.

Well done Gregg, a really nice song.

Great job, that is a typical song that gets better, polished and decorated over a course of years (I speak from experience :D)

One thing I’d liek to note though, while plucking the strings, you tend to move your picking hand upward. You’ll make it hard on yourself in the future learning other fingerpicking songs

Check this video from Justin on Travis Picking around 01:15
His hand remains hovering over the strings

I appreciate your comments and can hear what you’re talking about. I think I’m sacrificing technique to try to get more volume, which is silly.

That is sounding really good Greg. I’ve been working on this for awhile now and I find it an interesting song to play.

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I’ve been playing this for about ten months now and have reached the conclusion that it’s about as good as I’m going to get at it. It still has a couple of bugs, but oh well!


I think it’s excellent.

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That sounds really good! Well done Greg!! :+1:

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Sounds great, Greg :clap: the work you’ve put in on this has really shone through here, really well played :+1: would love to hear you have a go at putting some vocals to it :v:

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Well done, sounded great :slight_smile:

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Thank you all so much!

Nice job!! There are so many good things going on in that song. Keep jamming :+1:

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Really good job! I agree with the others that you just need to polish it up a bit and the picking hand good be a bit more relaxed?


Sounds really good! Love this song. It’s also the first song that I learned completely (because there’s no solo :smile:).

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That was excellent playing Greg. I didn’t spot any bugs at all. We are always so hard on ourselves.

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