Gentle On My Mind - 2nd song here

This is my 2nd song submitted here on these forums. I am choosing my songs based on what I believe may help me progress. These folksy songs I believe help me develop my rhythm.

Again, I just entered my 6 month now since I first touched my guitar, which I consider a bit of a milestone. I welcome any and all feedback, please don’t be shy. I can hear many mistakes myself. The opening of this song alone makes me cringe a bit. About 1/2 way thru I missed a few chords. But having lots of fun trying!


For 6 months in it was really good, especially has you have managed to sing as well. Thought the vocals were good to. You are perhaps being a bit hard on yourself

It’s a good effort at a cover. IMO you’ve got plenty of the style of it down and I think that’ll improve over time.

Thank you all so much, appreciate the feedback.

Hey Mike,
For 6 months in mate, you should feel proud of how far you’ve progressed. Impressive. Does not sound like an easy song to sing and play together either, but I thought you did very well with a pretty steady rhythm.

You’ve got a good vibe happening here Mike. Good job :smiling_face:

And that’s what matters Mike. Not an easy song to sing. I’m only familiar with the Dean Martin version and the phrasing is difficult. We’ll done on that front.
Perhaps try to slow down the strumming a bit. It’s a laid back song and I felt your strumming was a bit fast.

Well played, Mike, I think you are doing well, it sounded pretty good. As others have said, I think you need to be a little gentle on your self-assessment, while continuing to be observant and looking to improve.

I tend to agree with @sairfingers, the tempo on the strumming pattern felt a little fast. But the vocal seemed well paced and phrased. That has me scratching my head how the vocal can be sounding right tempo, working with the guitar, and the guitar feels rushed.

I think the same feedback was given for Green Green Grass.

I want to make a suggestion but maybe lack the experience and discerning to do so with any confidence. A random thought that occurs to me, but may be total nonsense, is that perhaps you are playing 1/16th notes rather than 1/8th notes, which (if I am not wrong, which I may be) would mean you are playing the strumming pattern twice on each chord, assuming each chord lasts a bar. I hope that makes sense, but as I’ve said could be completely wrong and not the case.

Irrespective, your playing is coming along well and I enjoy your singing.

Again, I really want to thank you all for commenting. Without feedback it is very difficult to know where one should concentrate on improving.

I’d have thought most constructive critical feedback would come regarding the vocals, but clearly there is a consensus regarding the speed and or tempo of my chord-strumming. Which I kind of find encouraging because I feel that is easier to improve upon. I think it partly comes from nerves of just “trying to get thru the recording”. I think I need to settled down some.

Thanks all!

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You may be right Dave, I use UltimateGuitar which doesn’t show music it displays lyrics and chords which (to me ) makes one kind of have to guess a great deal about the song.

I listened to Glen Campbell on youtube before trying the song. I think he was using a 12 string guitar which may have made me think he was playing faster than he really was. I am going to work on slowing it a bit with the guitar…as you suggest, maybe by a factor of 2.

I’m wondering how more accomplished players in this group find their sheet music?

Thanks Again!

I have two of Justin’s songbooks, which help. And then I often pick songs that Justin has done lesson on. Then if not covered by Justin, either book or lesson, then I use internet sources to get chords and lyrics and will usually look for another source for a lesson, eg GuitarZero2Hero, Dave Tran does good quality lessons. The lessons help confirm the chords and sort out number of bars, tempo, etc.

6 months in and sounding good Mike.

You should be proud of this recording.

Very kind, thank you. As I have to others, it is difficult to measure one’s own progress. Unless perhaps one is taking formal lessons or has friends to play with. Being alone it’s a bit tough, which makes this forum so valuable.

I thank you for your kind message. I am really enjoying playing and constantly wondering just where to focus.


Hi Mike, it sounds good to me. Good progress for 6 months. Songbooks and internet sites often provide a suggested speed in b.p.m. for the songs. I guess the speed of the recorded version being transcribed. Justin does it in the songbook I have and in the app (and probably is in his paid tab product). That speed in the tab may not be the same than the version you are playing but if you play the rhythm along the video you will find the speed of that version.

Hi Mike, certainly good progress for 6 months, so don’t be beating yourself up.

Like others the strumming did sound a little enthusiastic but it has been a long time since I heard the GC version. I would certainly experiment on the strums per bar and find what feels right. It does sound like 16ths, so start with a laid back approach with a strum on each beat and listen for what is missing just sticking with 1/4 notes, the try 8th DUDUDUDU as I think you could play this with Old Faithful D DU_UD_ and it would work well. Difficult to tell with just audio but are you keeping you strumming motion continuous ? I hear a little stop start now and then but that could be my ears. All in all though great effort.



That’s awesome for 6 months Mike, especially being able to combine a strumming pattern with vocals, took me forever to feel happy doing that. You’re really uninhibited with your voice too which is a bonus and it’s got a lovely swing to it.
Others have commented on the tempo feeling a little fast, I’d agree there and I think slowing down a little would really help with some of the chord clarity in places.
Top effort, congratulations! :clap:

Well done Mike. You should be very happy with your progress so far, especially considering you’re also singing. There’s a lot there to be encouraged by.

I think you did a great job. I can’t really add anything to the previous comments. And just so you know, pressing the record button has a direct correlation to tension that doesn’t go away quikly. :smirk:

I didn’t realize I had this additional feedback. Strumming is definitely an issue I need to work on. Perhaps it was 1/16ths. I’ll focus on this and try to analyze. Again, thanks much!

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