Gentle On My Mind - updated (incorporated feedback)

I attempted here to incorporate the welcome feedback which I received on my first cut at this. Most of the feedback was that the guitar was rushed and perhaps too fast. I think that although I was pretty much in time I had a tendency to speed up the tempo, maybe even by a factor of or two here and there.

I attempted to slow it down and remain a bit more consistent with the strumming, without being overly robotic.

Also this attempt incorporates 4 more chords (derivatives of D and EM - 2 additional chords each).

I know it still needs a great deal of work. The goal is a step at a time. I am hoping this is at least a baby step forward. I think the vocals are actually better in the 1st attempt but getting the guitar to sound better is the real goal here at this time.

There are some obvious flubs.


link to first attempt:


Mike, Six months in, I think this is sounding pretty good. To me it sounds a little forced in the vocal. If you are having trouble with tempo, go with a metronome to keep time, at least during your practice sessions. It will really help. At least it helped me. The original of this song to me has kind of a laid back, easy-going sound. It’s up to you, though, what you want to project. I believe you’ve got a good start, again, for just six months in. And you are recognizing some of the blips yourself, so you know what to work on. Keep at it. This is truly a journey, not a dash.
BTW, any relatives or connections to Delaware/Maryland near the coast?

Bravo, Mike, I think this is a big improvement on the first attempt. It sounds and feels a whole lot better in guitar tone, rhythm, and the singing to me.

That was great, Mike. Like David has said, a great improvement on your first attempt.

Well done Mike, much more laid back than the last time. Good job!

Yes in fact I do have relatives in Maryland. I have a cousin Paul there. Large family, super people.
The first cut at the song was about 2 months ago. So I am 7-8 months in now. I see a year as a milestone, so I have certain goals by then. One thing I am sorely lacking in, which is grade 1 beginner requirement (may be too strong a word) from Justin is to get at least 5 songs committed to memory. Struggling with this for some reason. I attribute some of my difficulty with my age. But I don’t want to use that too much as a crutch so I am going to try to accomplish it. Perhaps that is why my vocals sound forced. The vocals on this song are a bit challenging to me. I need to not have to lean on reading them so much.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Do you think you know my cousin?

Oh BTW, I just listened to your “Whiskey Bar”. Wow did that bring back memories! Loved that song when in my teens. Big Doors fan here. Especially Morrison Hotel and Live. “Celebration of the Lizard”. I knew the words by heart back then.

Dave, Stefan, Gordon, Thanks so much for taking the time and doing a comparison. I much appreciate it. Great to know I took a step in the right direction.

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Thanks, Mike. Glad it stirred up some memories for you.
Don’t know your cousin, but your last name is everywhere in this area.