Getting back on time

If my tempo goes astray and I wander off the beat, is there a " correct" way to get back? When I try to change my tempo enough to head back toward the beat I find I overshoot and have to re-correct the other way. This is generally unsuccessful and I wind up pausing for a moment. In Grade 2 now.


I tap my foot throughout my playing so if I’m off it’s more about getting my down strum right on the beat. That may mean skip a portion of the strumming pattern or sadly give up on the current bar and make sure I hit the beat at the beginning of the next.


How to find the beat again depends on how far off it you are. Micro adjustments if close, if not close, try to nail next chord change.

Play with backing tracks and like Alexis says tap your foot, you’ll eventually get a feel for the beat and be able to make micro timing changes with your ears.

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