Getting my 1st acoustic guitar - any tips?

I started on a nylon string classic acoustic guitar and found that it wasn’t a partically enjoyable guitar to start on so I upgraded to a metal string guitar. Even though it is a bit harsher on the fingers I realized that the metal string guitars are easier to push down then the classical guitars and the distance between the frets is not as big, also the neck is thinner then on a classical guitar.

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I would avoid the budget 2nd hand market in a humid country like Singapore. SGD350 should be enough to snag you a Yamaha FG800 during the 6.18 sale. For Takamine, Davis Guitar were having a pretty good 6.6 sale on Lazada. Definitely head down to the area to test an assortment of guitars. There’s Swee Lee too…

I’m still on a 10yr old bowed FG700. Either way good luck in your search.


Hi everyone, thanks for all your tips and recommendations, really appreciate it (:

Just an update that I went & got myself a new Yamaha F310P (essentially F310, but it comes with other guitar equipment like gig bag, tuner, strings, picks, etc.) for SGD296.90 (after including delivery fee as they don’t sell this in store, only online). I’ve been playing it for a few days and I love the sound of it! Lighter than the Takamine one I borrowed (which I realise was actually an electro-acoustic, which may explain the weight and the tough strings…), and it’s louder, bright/twangier but not deafening. Much easier to manipulate than the Takamine electro-acoustic one.

(They had it in 3 different colours - cherry sunburst which is reddish with gradient, natural which is light brown without gradient, and tobacco sunburst which is this one in the pic)


Congratulations on your NGD. Nice looking guitar Amanda love the color.

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Happy NGD Amanda, :sunglasses: :partying_face:
Nice looking guitar … glad you bought a guitar to your satisfaction … have fun with it :sunglasses:

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Great choice Amanda, happy NGD :slight_smile:

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Happy NGD Amanda it looks luuuurvly. Glad to read you are pleased with the sound.

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Congrats! Was just browsing some Takamine and Yamaha guitars online today… I’m trying not to buy one yet although I’m starting to get annoyed by the playability of my FG700. Which takamine did you try?

I want to be a better beginner first lol. In the meantime I gravitate towards my AZES40 electric guitar.

Either way, have fun!

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Enjoy your guitar for many years to come.

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The FG700 tends to be a pretty good starter guitar. Maybe it just needs a setup and the action lowering slightly.

It’s bowed and more than 10 years old at this point. I’d rather buy a new one but dislike the sound of the fg800 and fg830. Too shrill. Do you have any recommendations to look at? I’m in love with my azes40 just that it’s a tad too small, but yes a decent setup/low action is very important.

Thanks! :smiley: I tried the Takamine ED-50C N ( Takamine ED-50C N acoustic-electric guitar | Reverb

Happy NGD Amanda, that’s a sweet looking guitar!

Amanda, congrats on the new Yamaha acoustic. I think that is a good choice for you. They make good sound acoustics for the price you pay.

I would check out the Yamaha FS800 or FG800 depending on which size would be better. I have an FS800 and it fits me well. I’m a petite female - it is considered a concert size which is about the same size as most classical guitars but with a narrower neck.

Most consider it a beginner guitar but there are a bunch of fingerstyle professionals that rave about this guitar and also use it to record with.

Maybe you can find one used but you can also get one new for around $200.

Good luck!