Getting somewhere - hoorayj

Have got through Grade 1 Module 1, bit more practice and its on to Module 2. It’s taken a while to get into it but hopefully I’ve got a strong practice regime going now. My neighbours are still walking round with ear plugs each time I pick up my Stratocaster, think several are planning on moving away :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:…but I’m enjoying the learning. Maybe I ought to learn to sing too…


Paul, this is it ! Enjoy the ride. Neighbours are so passe !

Great stuff, and you’ve kept your sense of humour! How good is that!!!

I plug headphones into my amp. Not so much for neighbors as for my wife of 50+ years!

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Just tell the neighbors it was guitar or bagpipes, they’ll be happy you chose guitar. :hear_no_evil:


UNPLUG IT, Love is…putting up with your partner foibles

:guitar: :hear_no_evil: :revolving_hearts:

@Libitina is right! Unplug it and buy her a bass or drums and play together :boom: :drum: 50+ isn’t a reason for not making music :wink:

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Well done Paul, you’ve started now, you’re not allowed to stop!!
I’m with everyone else, unplug and let rip, that way everyone gets to hear and appreciate your improvement / progress! :slight_smile:
Carry on with the enjoyment, it ramps up as you go on :+1:

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Nope. She doesn’t like the same kind of music I do. I’m fine with headphones. I wouldn’t like it if she played opera through an amplifier.

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I don’t have that problem - came home one day and my wife to be had emptied the place…but she did leave my Stratocaster, hence that I get to practice (badly :grimacing:) whenever I want :slightly_smiling_face:

OMG! That’s awful! But so glad she left your Strat!! :blue_heart:
Take up singing too, why not… I had several neighbours sell their houses and move away when I started learning to sing (maybe coincidence… maybe not :rofl:) Just go for it, I reckon. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Singing it is then…can’t be any worse than my guitar practice…

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