GNS - May 2022 - Bon Jovi - These Days + Bon Jovi - Santa Fe + GnR - Sweet Child Of Mine (rhythm) + The Cranberries - Zombie

Haha, thank you :blush: Yeah, I’m aware about the non-continuous strumming. So far, I can only do that with certain chords and certain strumming patterns, but its slowly getting there on most of open-chords that I know.

:guitar:+ :beer: = inhibitions out the window!
Congrats on taking the AVoYP plunge! Keep at it and the fluidity will come. You are doing fine.

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Decided to add some notes regarding my short stops in strumming. I noticed that with certain chord changes, mainly when going from Em back to Cadd9, I do that abrupt short pause, because if I don’t do that my pinky finger tends to simply miss the high e string most of the time and, if continuing to strum (I know that this is supposed to be continue strumming no matter what), then that would mean additional one or two notes, which for my ears ruins the sound, so I choose to at those instances stop strumming for a split second. But my long-term goal is to work on correcting this.

Bravo, Aurimas, good to take the plunge and get into recording.

I hear you in terms of choosing the slight hesitation but would encourage you to rather slow the song tempo down to give your pinky that little bit extra time to get into position. Getting too used to a slight pause could become a habit that is hard to break later.

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Congratulations on you first AVOYP posting Aurimas and I like that you just decided on the fly to record it.

I can’t add anything more than what others have said but well done.

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So, after These Days, I considered input regarding continuous strumming, and decided to go with that in a song, which does not have sus chords in it. Though, I don’t know about the strumming pattern, because I did adjust it to the way I’d sing the song (mind you, this is not a vocal version, just instrumental), so I chose a simple DDDU strumming pattern for each chord, just to keep it simple. Though, maybe, should have gone with DDDDU, since the song is 4/4 time, but, eh. Anyways, in my opinion, the strumming is better than in These Days song, though, I’m on a fence with the strumming pattern, have no idea whether I’ve chosen it correctly or not. But I personally like the melody (though the original song is waaaaaaaaaay different) that I got out from it.

As always, Sound Cloud link:

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You’re making steady progress Aurimas and that’s the way to improve in all ways.

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Nice strumming, Aurimas.

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Sounding smooth and steady on the strumming, Aurimas, and chords and changes also seemed clean and consistent. Well done, Keep on keeping on!

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Great job on the song.You have a good consistent strumming pattern. Keep it up!

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That is coming along nicely. The strumming and chords changes are a lot smoother in this one.

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I was going to create another topic, but I decided against it. So, I decided to add vocals this time to the song and film it again. For my amateurish ears, since I actually decided to “sing” lounder, this is a bit better than These Days vocal wise. Regarding strumming, I tried to keep it consistently, but since I did this actually in one take, I think while reviewing it I saw where I changed the beats in a bar a bit in two places (sometimes three beats, sometimes five instead of four), but I guess I did that subconsciously to finish-up the note I was “singing”. Also, mumbled-up a couple of lines in the end of second verse “bad man bad” :smiley: And viewing myself in video, that reminds me, damn, I really have to go to a hair-dresser these days… :smiley:

Well done, Aurimas, making good progress. You are right, the vocal much louder in this recording … rare to say I’d like the guitar a little louder :grin:

Hi Just been learning Sweet Child O Mine intro with my guitar tuned down half a step but when I carry on and play the chords for the verse and chorus it sounds slightly out. Is all the song tuned down and if so are the chords Justin plays correct or do the chords have to change - help

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All Guns N’ Roses songs are tuned in Eb standard, so shouldn’t sound off.

If I understand you correctly, intro sounds correct but the chords sound out of tune, right?

Yes that’s correct I just wondered if the D C G of the verse was right because the guitar is tuned down

Yes, the chords are right. You play the shame shape but instead of getting a D chord for example, you’ll be hearing Db chord.

You might need to get your guitar set up but I would expect it to be out of tune higher on the fretboard then.

Maybe others will chip in something more useful.

Now that makes sense that the D shape is now Db - my ears are listening for the D and it sounds flat, should have realised that but thought maybe it was just the intro that was tuned down. Thank you very much for enlightening me very much appreciated

Ah, I see - mystery solved now! Enjoy learning the whole song (and the solos), it’s a great tune!

Hey, so as Friday comes, decided to post another song. This time, Guns N’ Roses - Sweet Child O’ Mine. It does not have that Slash amusement park riff, sadly, because I’d only butcher it anyways. The rhythm part I did in one take (it turned out pretty okey, some small hick-ups in the outro, because it was the first time since I played the song with the outro (Em-G-A-C-D). Tried to keep the strumming consistent throughout the song and I think I’ve succeeded.

Also, adding my “singing” version (which wasn’t done in one take, because I always seemed to mix up the bloody lines and even now at the start I wanted to start with the second bloody verse) in addition to soundcloud, though, I’d save yourselves some ear-bleeding troubles and simply go to soundcloud for acoustic only part :smiley: