Grade 1 Exam Song #4 - "A Girl Like You" - Edwyn Collins

I had never heard this song before Justin turned me onto it. It’s straightforward but a heavy hitter and really fun to play because you can pretty much just hammer away the whole song. It reminds me of a girl I dated too. Justinguitar made me acknowledge the Edwyn Collins in rock-n-roll!



Well done, I remember this very well!
Easy pass!

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Another well played and sung song Dan. You’re on a roll today!
Grade 2 definitely awaits you!

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Great song, Dan, and you rocked through it.

I notice that you have your mic angled towards your mouth, that you appear to be perched on the edge of the stool, and are hunching over to sing into the mic. I suggest you have a go at playing standing up. Lift the mic up to be level with your mouth, perhaps angled slightly down to the guitar. That should enable your singing.

Then if you are interested in singing you may want to check this out Free your Voice Now - Chris Liepe Quite a number of us started with this free series of 3 lessons and went on to take some of his other classes.

Have fun with grade 2!

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:fire::fire::fire: You rocked that one Dan!!

Sounded awsome!! Actually sounded a lot cooler than the original, im impressed… well done!!

Thanks for sharing!

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Great performance. Good singing and groove. Made me think I should learn this one!

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Hi Dan,…again :grin:
You passed :partying_face: … have fun in grade 2 :sunglasses:
Greetings, Rogier

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It’s unusual for me to watch four songs on this forum and be very familiar with all of them. That’s the case with your four Dan and you’ve done a great job with all of them. Great going.


Thank you for the advice. I have noticed that I could use work on my basic posture and projecting my voice. For some reason I find working on my singing to be much more of a chore than working on my guitar playing. I will check out the Liepe stuff.

Wow… thank you so much. I used to play in a little rock outfit and we got a ton of mileage out of songs like these (although I had never heard this song in particular before I started playing it). It has always sounded like there is a lot of tension and build in this song. I think it is a bit of a natural fit for me.

This song is such a fire cracker, I have it on my list to learn it on electric as so many tasty licks in there! Your acoustic version is something completely different but love it as well! Great job with the vocal, I think vox like original could be only sang here on the forum by @ToshS :smile: all the best

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Just the basic melody line fully fuzzed out and sprinkled in there is really cool. Come to think of it I have a real oddball fuzz called the Blue Box that I might try as a 2nd track on this song.

Sounds like a good plan to me! :wink:

Great Job Dan, I remember this song well growing up in Glasgow, sad how it worked out for Edwyn. You played it so well i immediately grabbed my electric and started to play the solo over your version , years since I played it but you brought it back alive in my mind, thanks

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Another great cover Dan.

You did the song justice. That was some very tasty playing and I enjoyed the singing too.

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