Grade 3 module 16 How to play a melody on guitar

I couldn’t find a lesson topic link for this module. Perhaps a mod could move my post appropriately.

My question. Is there a convention that says it’s better to play a fretted note rather than an open string if one is available? Or is it simply down to which one sounds better or is easier to play in the sequence?

Hi Gordon to post sbout a lesson just use the discussion tab in the lesson a d it will post on the community.
To answer your question. Open strings will ring out until you
mute them or change chords. Sometimes this sustain is what you
want sometimes you want just a passing note.
So use the note that fits.
Have you lookec at Justin’s grade 3 lesson on chords up the neck
with open strings?

Thanks Rick, that’s what I thought.

As you suggested, I’ve had a look at the lesson on open chords up the neck. Good steer. Some interesting stuff there, thanks for that.

I did try to post the topic using the discussion tab on the lesson but it took me to an error message. Maybe a mod can check that out.