Green Green Grass of Home - beginner - first post test


Ah yes, I’m an old folkie/country dude at heart. This song rates high on that genre’s playbook. It’s a classic I-IV-V progression, keep the strumming simple. Keep the tempo slow. Who’s version do you like best? I’ve got a soft spot for old JC’s version:

Welcome to the Community, Mike, and congrats on a first shared recording.

Nicely done, chords and strumming sounded clean and steady throughout and I enjoyed your singing.

Perhaps caught an open E string every now and then when playing a chord with a bass note on the A string, maybe, hard for me to tell listening. Just something to keep in mind if it was the case and continue to work on as you progress.

Perhaps add a little intro to the recording in the post, provide some context as to what you were walking and any particular feedback you might be looking for (if that is the case).

Keep on keeping on!

Welcome Mike and well done posting your first AVoYP.
I think you need to change your strum pattern here. It a sad, plaintive song and I feel your pattern is to fast.
Try a slow DDUUD. I think that would suit the song and sound better.
Keep at it and I look forward to more from you.

Congrats on your first posted of recording. Always to get the first one under your belt. Some good advice offered so far. I would agree with @sairfingers regards the strumming, slow it down and allow that mellow sadness to come through. Old Faithfull DDUUD would certainly work. Look forward to hearing more. :sunglasses:

@CT Tom Jones boyo, can’t beat old Tom on this one :sunglasses:

Everybody, thank you! Much much appreciated. At this stage guitar playing is a wonderful but fairly lonely pursuit, so all comments and especially constructive criticisms are very welcome!

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Congrats on your first AVoYP. As others have said maybe slower strumming would sound better. I am with @TheMadman_tobyjenner can’t beat Tom Jones.

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Thanks all, I attempted to take the advice you folks so generously gave me.
Here is another version.

I like it, Mike. You’re doing great.

I don’t know how you are recording but would love to hear your voice a little louder.

I think you could try a simpler strumming pattern. The lyric feels laidback and the strumming is quite busy.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Mike.

Sounding good but like David has said, the strumming did sound busy with the lyrics. The only version I know is Tom Jones and I’m sure his is a slowish version of the song.

Thanks folks, really enjoy and appreciate the feedback

I thought your singing improved noticeably in the second recording.

Agree with the other comments - would be better with less busy strumming.

Oh, and I would let the last chord ring at the end of the song.

Thanks much - I tried to improve on the singing.

My “studio” is a very cheap laptop with a $20 Sampson microphone held up by a stick I took from my dog in the backyard. So it’s one microphone for both guitar and vocals, and I find a subtle placement change changes the balance dramatically. I find it’s tough to get it just right. I’ll eventually get a better setup, but for now I am still just learning everything from guitar to how to record.


Don’t worry about that now. I started with 3 pieces of duct tape as a tripod to hold my cellphone taped to my laptop