Greetings from Iowa, USA

Hi Everyone! I began my guitar journey in 1987 with a Candy Apple Red Squire Bullet and a Squire Sidekick amp. Within a few years, girls, sports, college, and beer took the proverbial center stage and my guitar was quickly relegated to a storage room wherever I happened to be living. Just prior to 2020, I decided to give it another go and discovered Justin’s site. The lessons over the past 2 years have been outstanding and I am continually learning through the units while revisiting past lessons as a refresher.

Unfortunately, quickly after purchasing a guitar and amp in 2020, I acquired a moderate case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome and had to purchase 5 more guitars, another amp, and a handful of pedals until now. Glad to be here.


I’m sorry to hear about your case of GAS. The symptoms do not appear to be moderate. 5 more and an amp? I feel for you, really I do. Perhaps some pics would help relieve some of your discomfort :face_with_thermometer:

Welcome Greg you’ll get plenty of encouragement to ease your GAS urges. And there’s only one way to do that! So before you add to your collection, please share some pics of the current stable. :sunglasses:

Here are 3 of them, all of them were fairly budget friendly to me.
MJT Strat, Epiphone Gary Clark Jr. Casino, Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Actual Photo from Sweetwater).


Nice set of guitars… and there’s more! Thanks for sharing.

Love the Casino! I’ve thought about getting that or the Gibson 335. :thinking:

Hey bud welcome! I’m afraid you won’t find effective therapy for your syndrome here. Best I can tell most everyone here is afflicted with it as well.

There’s no cure for GAS - you have to just treat the symptoms. The treatment?? MOAR!!! :crazy_face:

That’s some seriously bad-axe gear you’ve got. Perhaps you’ll post some video of you playing on the #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing topic?

Hello Greg and welcome. :slight_smile:

It’s a shame how other things start to take our interest when we get in to our mid/late teens.

They are some nice looking guitars. That last one is a beaut. :+1:

Hello and welcome to the community Greg. :slight_smile:

Greetings, Greg. There are a number of us closing in on 2-3 years with Justin. You might give some thought to starting a Learning Log and embellish your story and share more of your gear pics.

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Welcome to the Community, Greg. Thanks for sharing those pics, it either eases or fuels our GAS. Look forward to hearing you rock out.

Go Hawkeyes! Go Hawkeyes!

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