Greetings from Spain

Hello everyone. I’m a 52 year old spaniard. I love music but i’ve never had any proper musical training. I believe I have a varied musical culture but not training at all. I thought I was musically challenged.
A few months back I got myself a cheap Ibanez acoustic guitar, a couple of theory and guitar books and I have practised nearly every day since then. Somedays I let my fingers rest, but I inmerse myself in theory and justin videos. I’m hooked !
I’ve browsed several channels for guitar training and Justin is the best place by a mile. Justin’s enthusiasm and attitude is really inspirational. He might not be the best guitarrist out there (probably not the best singer ;-)) but he is an inspiration for us all. He’s humble, patient, accessible and a great teacher. I love his personality, his method, even the song choices are really up my street.
I have to confess, somedays I dip my toes in other teachers, books, methods. But I always come back to Justin guitar.
Thank you for your work and the community you’ve created.


Hello and welcome, Gonzalo! Justin is a remarkable teacher. Save yourself some time and trouble and concentrate on Justin’s beginner courses. You will progress faster and get those all-important fundamentals down. You can visit those other sites later in your journey, if you choose.

Welcome to the community. I started playing guitar at the age of 53 and 10 years later and still having heaps of fun with it. Justin made a big difference for me all along my guitar journey, looking forward to more posts from you.

Hi Gonzalo and welcome

There maybe the odd folk out there who teaches niche skills but I doubt you find a more comprehensive and structured program like Justin’s. It will take you from the basement to the penthouse and beyond. Most of the other sites will charge an arm and leg, once they have dribbled some free titbits.

As Rob said, start the Beginners course at the Grade 1 and follow the path. You won’t regret it. Hey and all you need is free on the website !



Hello and welcome Gonzalo. :slight_smile:

Yep, Justin is a great teacher.

Welcome, Gonzalo, you are in a good place to learn and dispel all those limiting “musically challenged” beliefs. Follow Justin’s Beginner and INtermediate Grades and you’ll lay a solid foundation and have become a guitar player.

Hello and welcome to the community Gonzalo. With Justin’s beginner course and some song learning you won’t go wrong. But if you get stuck the community is here to support and encourage you. :slight_smile:

Bienvenido Gonzalo :slight_smile:
Seems like more and more of us spaniards are invading the community!