Greetings from Tom, an Iranian in Korea

I am an Iranian living in South Korea for the last 30 years :slight_smile:

I learned Guitar by myself in high school. Started with Classic guitar and now
I am trying to learn a lot more, Accustic, Electric, and harmonica
I am self-thought in English, Korean as well

I have made many original songs, especially Christian songs ( I am catholic) that I am uploading in different channels

My main youtube channel is



Welcome along Tom.

Let me know how you get on with the harmonica, they do sound cool :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Tom and Welcome

Good to see you stepping out of the shadows. Look forward to sharing some of your learning and playing journey and passing on your experience to others.




The diatonic harmonica is great with guitar and as I do not have a good voice I am trying to use Harmonica to compensate for that :slight_smile: Still learning


Hello there,

Bangapseumnida (Nice to meet you for others reading). That is about the extent of what I remember in Korean from years ago. Welcome to the forum and you are in the right place to expend your knowledge. Justin is a phenomenal teacher and his course has a proven record of success. I know a couple of musicians who blend harmonica playing with guitar while performing. I would be interested in seeing you play sometime. Best of luck,

Jeff from California USA


Oh yes you do Tom. You just need some confidence in your singing. It sounds good to me. :sunglasses:


Hi Tom, allow me to warmly welcome you, here, in your official introduction topic.

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Welcome Tom, Wow self taught languages, that’s sounds difficult! I am a language dunce :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never seen the parallels with learning music sadly.

Thanks for posting your channel and best luck with the journey.


Hi, thanks for your formal introduction and for the beautiful music you’ve already shared. See you around in the Community :blush:


Hi Tom, welcome. Nice guitar playing; and singing and harmonica playing by the way. Hope you can find through Justin Guitar and its community ways to make your performances even better. Thank you for sharing your channel. My brother-in-law is Iranian.