Guitar breaking day

Oh my, bad news.
What are they digging and with what massive equipment?
Take pics :slight_smile:

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They are digging up the whole road right next to me and laying down new pipes. So when they were done filling it up with gravel they used this big roller machine. That machine uses vibration to pack the gravel. And when they did that it went about 6 seconds before that tiger went down from the shelf.
Luckily it did not hit my guitar directly, would probably been crushed. and even more luckily it did not hit any persons or animals. Thank god.

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Oh no! What a bummer that is Trond. Are you going to see about getting it repaired?

Curious minds would like to know though… what note rang out when the sculpture hit it?

Hi Stefan.

Nah. Im going to leave it as is. Just going to keep an eye out for that binding in case the top starts to get problems.
As bad as it felt there and then, things happen i guess. Its always out on a stand in my livingroom, my daughter uses it a lot… i dont ever put it away to protect it… so some dings and scars is to be expected i guess :grin:

Sound? Good question… the sound it made hitting the floor outdid the guitar sound by a thousand :rofl: i sat right next to it and almost jumped through my skin…:rofl: