Guitar cabinet or studio monitors?

I just ordered an Orange Terror Stamp I plan on using with my Creamback 1x12. Sounds like a similar setup to your Micro Terror + V30 1x12. Out of curiosity, do you find the Micro Terror to be a versatile amp, or is it more of a one-trick-pony?

TBH I haven’t used the Micro Terror that much. It was part of a bundle of stuff I bought from a friend.

It was over a year ago since I last used it. My recollection is that it was fairly versatile, but I was also using it as a pedal platform with a Boss MS-3.

What I originally posted about it:

I didn’t have any difficulty getting a tone I liked from it, but I wasn’t specifically trying to match tones against anything.



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That’s a US page. But yeah, I saw this one at Thomann’s European page.
However, just the other day I saw a rather big discount on the BOSS Katana 212 cabinet, about $270 - my country has a VAT of 27%, without it’d be about $215. Couldn’t leave it there. It might give me room in the future to experiment combining two different speakers, like eg. the V30 and the G12M Greenback.