Guitar Challenge (Improv) - 3, 2, 1 improvisations

Just post the link right from youtube you don’t need to be logged into your google account


I was referring to the parameters of the original Challenge here, not the video it was drawn from, ie its harder to make it work under those 3 fret restrictions and not start wandering off all over the neck. But what ever floats your boat, knock yourself out.

Working now. Not to bad I don’t think moving up the octave breaks any rule. After all it imorove.

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Sounded great Brian.

I did think the idea with the exercise was to stay in one spot but hey, still sounded great.


thanks, I really just wanted to convey other options of note selection to expand things. Our fingers seem to gravitate to the easier more natural feeling movements and I have certainly done my share of that for a long time.

Vertical movement in playing, especially in pentatonics is something that I’ve seen several top notch jazz teachers talk about and I’ve been trying to incorporate it myself lately. It’s a nice fresh touch to an old familiar scale.

Perhaps my recording skills will improve soon too, I hope so!

Keep up your good work.

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Hey Brian,

Yep, some nice work there mate. Well done.
Quite a few others on here too to have a crack at as well.

I suppose this particular challenge is really an exercise in restriction - using just 3 notes in one spot - with the aim of stimulating ideas around phrasing, note selection, bends etc, and ultimately revealing to each individual how much variation can be achieved with just a few notes.

Improv is improv though, and yours was pretty good. :+1:

All the best,
Cheers, Shane


Some fine licks, Brian, lots to like and beyond me to offer any speific suggestions for improvement. I did notice the double-stops and the way you slide into notes plus the slide offs at the end of passages.

My 2cs on the challenge debate … I think quite OK to play the three notes plus bends in different places on the neck. The crux of this challenge is to play licks and phrases over the BT using just the three notes and a bend. Nothing wrong with exploring how you may play differently in different positions, just stick to 321 (notes, chords, bend)

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I’m going through these today, this attempt (3) is head and shoulders above the other two David. Timing is much better.

Loving the whammy bar too :metal:

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Great technique taking the hand right off the neck, creating the space.

Nice dynamics too.

Well done Toby.

Very nice sir :heart_hands:

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Nice Shane. Great variety.

I like your sense of timing too.

Fantastic as usual Phil :slightly_smiling_face:

Like the timely mutes some with harmonics too, tasty.

Told a story with that one, next level.

Very nice Mari :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the variety of timing between notes.

Ooo, double stops.

Great stuff.

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Love the vibe Phil, very chill.

Nice journey through this one. Definitely goes somewhere :+1:

Now we’re talking GrytPipe.

What a great jam :+1:

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Love the tone JK

Nice groove going once you’re into it.

Bends sound good to me. :+1:

I like the exercise when you bend up to the note you’ve just played… I’ll have a wratch.

All in all, sounding great.



Next level Brian, well done.

Great dynamics on the acoustic, you have a nice touch.

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Right, hope I haven’t missed anyone. Shout up and I’ll have a look. Worked my way through the post today. Either I missed the party on the 22nd October or that’s when Richard moved things around…

So I went for the JJ Cale theme after watching the original idea video.

I use this cheat sheet if it’s any use to anyone else.

I’m at a point of knowing around 2 and a half minor pentatonic shapes, this is the half from position 2.

On a watch back I thought it was a bit repetitive, thought I was mixing it up a bit more while I was playing but hey I’m new to this so whatever.

Just a quick take with the phone…

Loodles Away!


Sounded pretty cool Dave, over the cocaine riff.

I’m trying to figure out what you did with my noob brain.

Did you use different chords, and a different position but same three notes relative to the chords? Root, third and fourth with bend to fifth (from memory, too much scrolling back)?

Thanks JK

Yeah root flat third and fourth - bend to the fifth.

We may need Richard for the next part:

The Cocaine rift (JJ Cale) is Db and B. So you can play as power chords so neither major or minor, but after looking up a few tabs and lessons it looked to be both major chords so out comes the circle of fifths….

So next I think, OK we must be in the key of F# as Db and B must be the 4 and 5 chords - as they’re both major. But no :exploding_head:

Somehow, it’s in the key of Db?? So @Richard_close2u if Db is the home chord what is the function of the B? There’s no B in the key of Db so is this a mode with a sharp 6? I’ve fell foul of this a few times jamming with others- especially songs with just two chords.

**Edit: done a bit of digging and it’s Mixolydian mode. So it’s a flat 7 not sharp 6 :rofl:. I guess rules are for schools. **

** The Mixolydian Mode | free guitar lesson from **

I mean it does start on the Db. Anyway, however it’s possible, it’s in the key of Db - and as it’s based on a blues you can play the Db minor pentatonic over it. Playing the minor scale over the major chords…

So I played these notes from position 2 of the minor pentatonic. I just find the Db on the 6th string and work my way through the patterns (from pattern 1). It’s offset a bit from this diagram as this shows the A minor pattern.

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Good to see and hear you giving this challenge a go, Dave.

Firstly, the loop sounded great, fabulous chrunchy tone.

Some good sounding phrases and use of repetition. I liked the double-stops and the sequence of shorter notes you threw in the second half.

Can’t comment on bends and accuracy.

Good effort!

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