Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine [Rhythm only + vocal version]

Hey, so as Friday comes, decided to post another song. This time, Guns N’ Roses - Sweet Child O’ Mine. It does not have that Slash amusement park riff, sadly, because I’d only butcher it anyways. The rhythm part I did in one take (it turned out pretty okey, some small hick-ups in the outro, because it was the first time since I played the song with the outro (Em-G-A-C-D). Tried to keep the strumming consistent throughout the song and I think I’ve succeeded.

Also, adding my “singing” version (which wasn’t done in one take, because I always seemed to mix up the bloody lines and even now at the start I wanted to start with the second bloody verse) in addition to soundcloud, though, I’d save yourselves some ear-bleeding troubles and simply go to soundcloud for acoustic only part :smiley:


Good effort Aurimas.

Chord changes are tidy and chords sound clean enough :+1:

Nicely done, Aurimas, smooth and steady playing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Quite a challenging song in all the ways, never heard it on acoustic as well so that is interesting.

I think playing wise you had a good steady rhythm and very nice changes and that is something to be happy about :slight_smile: all the best.

Hi Aurimas:

Great improvement with keeping your arm moving n time since your first Bon Jovi song. Try this to make it sound just like the original : Put a capo on the 4th fret and play A, G, D, A. You can do the same strumming pattern and it sounds great. That is how I play that song, just a recommendation. This is a song you can really grow with as you progress. Thanks very much for sharing and you should feel proud of your accomplishment. For the next step, see if you can play without looking. As Justin says make a mental map of the fretboard. You can do it :slight_smile:


Very nicely done Aurimas. Not an easy one to cover but you did a good job with it.