Hallelujah (Standing!)

Really testing my range here (lock up your cats!) But this really is more about working more on playing standing up, come and get me now Posture Police! :wink: However I’ve also not done too much vocally recently as well.

I’m more inspired by the Jeff Buckley version of this song as you can tell, not that I can compare in the slightest. This song will certainly stay in my repertoire however I’m intending to play around with a capo to find an overall more comfortable vocal range. At the moment using a capo is messing with my fretting positioning without me looking intently at the fretboard.

As always I could have tried to record this over and over and found something to pick on, there’s one or two dodgy chords as usual but I don’t think they stand out too badly. As always any suggestions are very welcome.


Nice job. I’ve tried playing standing up and it is hard! Well done.

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Hi Mark, good job. After the first Hallelujah you got more relaxed and taken away by the music and your vocals and playing sounded better.

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Thanks Andres, I think that came out of relief of not messing up the first go around of verse & chorus. Appreciated :+1:

Great job playing while standing up!
chin straight and not pointing up, body being able to move with the music .

You might sound a little frail in the high region but you remain pretty stable and that shows potential. I’m sure you’ll find a good range with the capo somewhere in between, singing it somewhat lower and with a bit more vocal support in it.

Good job man, keep it up!

Well done Mark!!! You did a fine job :facepunch: it sounds to me like you have more control over your voice now… dont know any better way to describe it.
The guitar playing standing up sounds great…
i am trying to stand up myself and i found it to be a lot harder than i thought…

Keep it up!!

@LievenDV thank you for the encouragement, that’s meant a lot, I’m still finding my way with the vocals but each time I put it out there is a step closer to finding my own style it feels, and I really do want to get there.

@tRONd thanks also dude, yours and everyone support is always terrific to read. Appreciated :+1::pray:


That was great Mark, some solid advice from Lieven to take on board. Even though song perhaps wasn’t most comfortable for your vox range you still managed to sing it clean throughout so well done! :ok_hand:

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Great work Mark. No slouching either! :rofl:

Great playing, sounded good. I didn’t notice any dodgy chords.

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:policewoman: Happy to see you’ve straightened up and are now flying right Mark. :smiling_face:

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Well done, Mark, you keep a steady rhythm on the guitar blending well with the backing and sounded relaxed and easy on the ear delivering the vocal. I thought you handled the range well and with more work on breathe support you’ll develop a fuller, stronger delivery.

As a suggestion, maybe experiment with the mic positioning to minimise the vocal drop in level when you take a glance at the left hand. I think maybe an upright position perhaps slightly to the left of your head and angled towards your mouth might make the most of the cardiod pickup pattern. And then perhaps also backing it off a little boosting the gain might provide a more even level. Just have to watch out for that mic picking up pick noise.

But all that is just food for thought, overall that was a fine performance and recording.

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That was very nicely done Mark. Loved it!

Nothing wrong with those vocals either, sounded sweet to me.

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@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian, this song has such a broad range overall (for me at least). finding the sweet spot with the capo’s going to be a fun bit of trial and error!

@jkahn :slight_smile: No slouching at least whilst stood up, it’s starting to feel a bit more comfortable now at least

@batwoman Trying to Maggie! Still plenty of work to do whilst seated though :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

@DavidP Thanks David and very useful food for thought, very interesting on the mic positioning, I will certainly have a play around with it. Your gain comment just made me realise I hadn’t adjusted it from when I last used it whilst sitting. It was a further away from me so the gain was up, so much to consider!!


That was a really good performance. Very nicely done and no slouching. You’re coming along in leaps and bounds. Keep on doing what your doing as it’s working for you. Well done mate.

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Hi Mark,
Good you are standing…Although I think standing is overrated too :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :joy:

And everything else has been said… I have not read everything but I fully agree with Lieven…

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Cheers @Socio :slightly_smiling_face:

@roger_holland :joy::joy:, thank you good sir :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Notter,

Difficult vocal to master but you’ve done a really good job.

“Chin straight and not pointing up…”
If it was good enough for Lemmy… Lol. :slight_smile:

Nice playing.

Good job all round.


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Mark my man! Well done Brother! Standing, F chord, high notes, good for you. Sending! Loved it…Rod

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@Digger72 thanks Stephen, yeah I’ll take that!!

@Rod58 Hey buddy. Good to “see” you, I’m definitely taking your send it mantra forward now! Hope you (and your gorgeous PRS) are doing well.

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Great on this end bud, these Grade 3 lessons are getting tougher! Keep getting it close and send it!…Rod

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