Hallelujah (Standing!)

Standind up and singing!

I’ve just started stand up practice and it changes things so well done on being able to keep playing nicely while standing and then having the added mental capacity to sing at the same time.

Top stuff.

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Cheers Rhys! It’s certainly a different dynamic standing up and it’s definitely a work in progress but feeling more comfortable the more I do it.

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Nicely done and sounded good on this end. Good control of sound dynamics in the song allowed it to build and flow nicely. Vocals may have been in a high key for you, but the bottom line is you were able to cover them for the most part. The guitar play was good and brought it all together. Great job!

All the best,

@LBro many thanks LB, step by step we get there! :slightly_smiling_face:. Appreciated for the post :+1:

Sounds good here, rich guitar tone.

I think I heard you on another video and your singing seems good to me. If you’re finding this song a tad high why don’t you try downtuning all the strings down or mess about with capos to find different keys