Happy Birthday Justin @

:birthday: :moon_cake: :pancakes: :champagne:


Happy birthday Justin! Thanks again for all you do and all you provide us with on our guitar journeys! :sunglasses:


Very cool! Have a happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Teacher! :birthday::cake::champagne:…almost half a century :face_with_hand_over_mouth::blush:

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Happy Birthday, Justin :hibiscus:!

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Happy Birthday Justin.

I always thought it was in February though :thinking: similar to this post from last year

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Happy Birthday Justin. Hope it’s a magical one :guitar::wine_glass::tada::birthday::clinking_glasses::champagne:

Happy birthday Justin (if it is today) :slight_smile:

Another year older and wiser. Have a great day.

:tada: :champagne:
Anyday’s good for a party :wink:

Happy Birthday Justin (if the date is correct)! As a new guitar beginner, I feel incredibly fortunate to have found your online courses. Have a great day! :smiley: :bouquet: :four_leaf_clover: :gift: :confetti_ball:

Have a really good one teacher! :musical_score::guitar:🫶🏻

Happy birthday Justin! for today (?)
or for whenever it is or was :smiley:
Have an amazing day either way :partying_face: :wine_glass: :notes: :four_leaf_clover:

Happy birthday Justin! I can play you Happy Birthday, thanks to you! Congrats on a wonderful trip around the sun. I hope it’s an exciting, terrific, amazing day.

Still a youngster.

Happy birthday, Justin.


Happy Birthday Justin

Birthday means another trip around the sun. That’s about 149,600,000 million kilometers. What a ride! Happy birthday to a great community man!


Justin, Happy Birthday Teacher. Thanks for a path through guitar instruction forest that I can follow.

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Happy birthday Justin :birthday: :exclamation:

Big shout out to the MAN! Happy Bday!

When watching videos, I saw Justin answered when his birthday is and I remembered your post wondering about it. He says it’s March 27 in this video at 54:10 https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/2016-jan-09-open-q-a-lv-100b#learn-more