Happy Together Cover

Bravo! Bravo! I can’t imagine the time and effort this took but what a fantastic collaboration and result. Well done @brianlarsen and @pkboo3 !….Rod

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Great job… the song suits Brian so much.

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Pammy, Pammy I’m so happy to hear from you. I’ve missed you and your glorious voice. Love every single thing that you and Brian have done. Especially love your harmonies and incidental vocal tracks. The tracks complement each other as well as do you and Brian.

You’ve each done a marvellous job. Well done team.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
@pkboo3 @brianlarsen
Bravo, Pam and Brian, you can be more than happy together on completion of this project.

What a wonderful production. Simply delightful in every respect…playing, singing, tones, mix. And the video was right on the money.

Pam, I would add who did the mixing and producing plus the video in the final credits. I assume BG is background. Probably better to spell it out and be explicit.


Lovely, absolutely lovely!! Congratulations to you both :+1: :clap:

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Aw, thanks Pam
Not a lot of detail on the process, so I’ll add a couple of pieces to the jigsaw :smiley:

A couple of years ago, I asked Pam if she fancied providing vocals on a cover of Summer Wine.
Sadly, she took a raincheck on that offer, but I must have planted a seed.
Back in May she suggested this ‘happy’ duet :smiley:
(It’s funny, I had just made this comment the previous day)

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the original, so agreed and sent her a sketch of how I usually start any project, with a Trio+ drum, bass and guitar loops and some rough vocals on top. I re-recorded another set of vocals later on, but that was the end of my involvement with the process, apart from chats about what Pam was doing on her end. She played guitar, added tambourine sang lead and backing vocals, most importantly figured out and sang all the harmonies, learnt how to use Reaper and did a fab mixing job in the process, topping it all off with some fab visuals on in the end. This is the first time I’ve seen the final product.
What a great experience.


@pkboo3 @brianlarsen
Well, the first thing to say is well done Pam on getting Brian to collaborate with you on a song that’s not from his ‘no one will ever have heard of this artist or song before’ drawer! :smiley:

That was terrific. A super summertime song that transported me back to my teenage years in the mid 60’s.
We’re about to have a 2 day heatwave here in the UK with temps in the high 30’sC, maybe even 40C. (although I doubt if we’ll reach these temps up here in Scotland). Perfect weather for listening to songs like this.

What a collaboration! An all round success. Great vocals, harmonies, guitar play, backing rhythm, production and above all a feel good factor that’s sadly lacking at the moment in the world. I loved every second. What a lot of work you guys must have put in. The transatlantic air fares alone must have cost a fortune. But then I guess like all Texans you’ve got an oil well in your backyard Pam. :smiley:

Take note Brian, this is the type of song our fans will want on our Borders tour.
Now if we could get our Texas gal across for a guest appearance……


Lovely, thank you both for sharing this.

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it’s great that Brian agreed to participate in this. Otherwise, such a wonderful duet would not have turned out.
Indeed, it’s a little unexpected to hear such a soft and soulful Brian’s vocals. And Pamela performed everything in her chic style :wink:
Thank you both, and I will look forward to new collaborations!


Wow Billy The Kid and Pat Garret ! Oops fact check nearly right !!

Pam and Brian what a wonderful colab peeps. I am another who recall this lovely song from my yoof, before hard rock to over my core. And what a fantastic version. We not only get to hear Pam’s soothing vocals (its been too long !) but also her multiple personalities singing harmony. And those harmonies must have taken some working out as they fit like a glove.
And a really great quality production to boot.

While the mercury starts to nudge 40c and its only 1pm, what better way to chill.

Thank you both !



Take a well deserved bow, that was excellent. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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@brianlarsen Thanks for sharing more details, Brian

@pkboo3 Well done on your mix and production, Pam. A first class job.


Hi Pam & Brian,
Cool, nice little collaboration and sounds pretty good. I can’t recall hearing this song for a few decades. So it is an old-e-but-goldie for me.

Check me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first time you 2 have attempted such a project on your own? I think the mix is pretty good, but for possibly 2 subjective points:

  • The right side vox shift to center and or doubling up might do better with a slow automated shift that takes a little time to get there.

  • I would hand level the right side vox (Pam?) to be on par level wise with Brian on the left. It is sporadic, but at times that right side is dropping out to where it is hard to hear Pam. One could also add compression or more of it to help squeeze the levels into shape. On compression, maybe adding another one would be better than just one, if something like CLA vocals was used…

Otherwise, it was a very good show indeed!

All the best,

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What a great production. A load of effort must have gone into that.

Great song choice too, an old one but one that most people would know from movies etc I’d imagine.

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@rod58, @SandyMusic, thank you for listening. So happy you liked it. Rod, collaborating strictly digital does have its challenges. But it was a fun challenge.

@batwoman so nice to hear from you too. Love your complements. Hehe! I had to look up what “incidental” means in this context. You guys are so much more articulate than me. Forgive me for my basic vocabulary. It’s not a Texas thing. It’s just me😉

Yeah, I was pleased with our vocals together. Brian has a very pleasant tone. So glad he said yes. I did have to strain in some areas, on my part, and compensated by singing louder than was appropriate; and then had some respiratory/allergy issues, so didn’t re-record. I just split those items and lowered volume where necessary.


Hey David! Thanks for listening and for your input. Yeah, wasn’t sure what to call who, as for mixing, producing, etc. Would that be me or both of us?

I got suggestions/input from Brian. He offered to take a look at the tracks to see what he could do. I said he could, but first I wanted to give it a try for learning purposes. I did what I could and sent to him. At first I had problems with panning - couldn’t get it off center. Fixed them and sent to him again. He said after that there was no need to correct any more. There is always room for improvement, but we decided to leave it at that. Because of his input and suggestions, I think it is better than if I had done the whole thing alone.

Anyway not sure of the whole process and terminology.

Thanks again. Appreciate the advice and excited that you liked!

Loved it, great collaboration and quite an unexpected one from Brian!
You did a great job of it, amazing!

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Well, Pam and Brian, that was excellent, what a great collab. You guys really work well together, a very nice vocal mix. I hope you both do more together in the future.

Brian on drums, why did I imagine this?



Hi Pamela,
What a special job you have done,…you are the very first to have Brian perform a bit in the background,…not head first and and and … … :wink:

Okay, also for the rest you did a fantastic job, :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :star_struck: what a job that must have been :sweat_smile:,…applause and please take a virtual deep bow to us,…then I’ll take my hat off,…to both of you.

Good on you Brian that you went with a song that really doesn’t suit you, you get a kiss for that.
Thanks Pamela, Very nice what you have done, and I enjoyed it… :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing: :bouquet:

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Pam, I guess we shouldn’t get too fussed about terminology, the end result is more important.

My view would be that you were the producer/mixer on this project. Brian provided some input tracks and gave feedback on mixes.