Have You Ever Seen The Rain Coveraudio

Hey guys so i relearned this song again so i can perform it in front of my pre k students at my elementary school. Teached asked me if i could play for them on music day or something like that so i said sure!!! This is the song ill play and sing for them!! Thoughts? Have You Ever Seen The Rain Cover - YouTube


Cool. Sounded good sir. To answer your question, I have seen the rain coveraudio, I keep it in the garage next to the patio cushions. Cheers!

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Sweet sounds to start my day, Bytron. Taylor sounding mighty fine.

Failed to mention how cool it is to introduce kids to guitar. You are now more than just a playa, you are an ambassador. Keep us posted!

Pretty cool Byron.

Also @CT, lol.

That was very enjoyable Byron.

Nice to see that you’re doing it for the kids. I hope you and they enjoy it and that it inspires some of them to take up the guitar.

Another great cover Byron. Good luck with your students.

I think that it’s a great song to play for them, I learned this last year for a singer who is on our holiday home park, she doesn’t play guitar and knew that I did and asked me if I could. You played and sang it really well, nice one!

Really cool kid you are Bytron, kids will be happy I am sure :wink:

That’s great Byron, really cool to introduce kids to classics like this one, CCR was such an inspiring band.

Nice cover, Byron, although CCR for pre k? My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is out back atm singing Wind The Bobbin Up! You’ll know best though :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL! I dont know any kids songs maybe i need to learn some haha.

Thanks guys for the comments! Trying to think of another song that would be good for them, most songs I know are kinda inappropriate LOL.

Justin had a nice lesson on Taylor Swift’s song which probably is something kids listen to these days:

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Perhaps an approach that could work would be to consider the animated movies and their soundtracks that are age appropriate. Given the speed at which you learn songs, you could even ask the kids what their favourite animated films are and then pick songs from those films.

And Shake It Off was such a song in one of those films (don’t ask me which one) but remember the diva pig singing it :laughing:

Sweet thanks guys ill have to check it out!

Great song and well played and sung and good that you are going to play for the kids, although I have no idea if CCR is for pre k as has been said. Its good that the school has an interest in music. You could ask the teacher for their opinion on the type of song that would go down best?

Wow Byron. This is your best video yet and singing was great. You sound well polished in your tempo and experienced. Much better than I can do just yet. How long have you been playing? I would not mind doing something like that for my daughters’ classroom. The kids would be excited. Again fantastic work.

Thanks kissfan!! I’ve been playing for a while now prolly for about 12 years or so off and on. Been singing for prolly 9 When I first started playing guitar I could not sing at all. You will get there just keep at it and most of all have fun with it!!

I think that’s great for the youngsters. What an honor to play for them. Love the upbeat tempo. Is the date coming up pretty soon? Keep us posted. Any chance of sharing a recording?