Having fun practicing

This was a lockdown project for me and I’m so pleased I found Justin guitar. I love the lessons and managed to get 4 friends onto the same course.
On this occasion I was having some fun in my practice and wrote a song based on discussions with friends. It was a single take and riffed mostly so it has mistakes but it really helps me to have fun like this.


Welcome to the Community, Peter. I’m afraid I can’t assist with your question, not being an Apple user.

@CT, Clint, perhaps you can share some pointers as I vaguely recall that you are an Apple user and have shared videos recorded on your phone?

What you need to do is go into Photos, find your file and hold your finger on it until the options bubble comes up, go to share and scroll down until you get copy iCloud link; copy the link and then past it in.
Like this: iCloud

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It seems I don’t get that option. I tried saving to files but format was still not acceptable here.

Just managed it with Google photos

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Hahah. That was great man. And just hit the point. So I’m going to practice, that I haven’t today :metal::guitar:

Sounded good! Having fun is the main purpose of all this guitar stuff — thanks for the reminder! I upload to YouTube so I’m not sure that I have anything to offer regarding other upload methods. Youtube is the way to go if you ask me.

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