Heart Shaped Box Cover - Nirvana

Hey guys so im excited to share this one with you guys! I have always wanted to play and sing this song and it may not be perfect but it was fun none the less!!! I LOVE Nirvana and to just be able to pull this off makes me happy inside lol. Hope you guys like it!!! :slight_smile: Heart Shaped Box Cover Nirvana - YouTube It must be a hit listen to my bros dog bark at the end haha! :slight_smile:


Excellent Byron. Really enjoyed that! I am not a huge Nirvana fan but I always liked that song and you nailed it.

Hey Eddie thanks man!!! I appreciate the comment!! :slight_smile:

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Nirvana is one of my favorite bands, and this is one of my favorites. you really did this song justice, awesome job!

Wow thanks alexisduprey!! Yeah i have to agree this is my fav nirvana song by far! Thanks man! It only took me like 12 years to do this LOL.

@ohmygato Check it out!! I know you mentioned nirvana to me and well I decided to give this a crack. Ive always wanted to sing and play this but never could until now!!! :slight_smile:

Bytron, really good stuff going on here. Love the sound of your guitar and the way you play.
Nicely done.
Will send you a PM later today regarding your question on recording.

Thanks oldhead!! :slight_smile: yes please do!! I’m curious lol. Thanks!

Anyone else here like Nirvana? Nirvana is one of my fav bands. Oh and does anyone know the meaning behind this song?

I don’t. Sorry. I never really got Nirvana

Right! Yeah i def understand! All good!

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Likewise until I listened to the MTV unplugged in NY and that album suddenly became one of my favourites.

yeah most def!

Nice one Byron, that was great. It’s good to hear the dog appreciating it as well. :smiley:

Thanks sgt this has gotta be one of my fav tunes!!

Hey bytron, first I would like to congratulate you on doing a great job covering this amazing song. I’ve had a go at playing it myself a while back but to sing and play at the same time is still a bit too far fetched for my skill level haha.

To answer your question about the meaning. It’s about a woman using sex and he is powerless to say no. After sex, it’s never happily ever after. It’s something else to argue about, and instead of leaving, he’s “in debt” to all the things she wants him to do or be, in order to continue the feeling he gets from her.

Thanks man just keep at it!! Thats what i thought it was about, I know Nirvana said it was about children with cancer but cmon no its not lol.