Hello all from Garry in sunny England

Hello, my name is Garry
Thought I would introduce myself. I’ve been following Justin Guitar for a couple of years now and his videos have really helped me focus my guitar practice. I’m sort of Intermediate level Grade 4 but have missed bits on the way and keep going back to previous videos to check things out, it’s a method that works for me. I’m trying to improve my finger picking at the moment and as an older learner (66) I find remembering chord sequences the most difficult. Justin’s lesson on how to learn for older guitarists was really helpful.
What I find inspirational on the forum is looking at other peoples recording of themselves playing, it’s great to see other peoples successes and the feed back is always spot on. I hope to be doing some recording myself soon.
Congratulations Justin and the rest of the crew on your brilliant reviews.


Hi (again!) Garry, welcome :slight_smile:
Posting some recording is really valuable when you feel ready to do so. I look forward to seeing them :+1:

Always good to get this out of the way.
I see you are well on your journey, and you sound a bit like me in that you see things ahead of you and want to give it a try, I am doing well in holding myself back at present. You mention finger picking that is something I am looking forward to. Have you posted any AVOYP yet?

I note you say sunny perhaps you should have also said very very hot. I am in the North East of England and Just looked at our outside thermometer and it says 37.9 and still going up, not official but it is in the shade, if that was correct it is less than one degree below the previous uk record until yesterday.
Those in other parts of the world might not think that is hot but for the uk it is unprecedented.
All the best Michael :guitar::notes:

Welcome to the Community, Garry. A good strategy to go back and close gaps. Look forward to hearing you play. As you’ve picked up, the support given to everybody when they share is invaluable, both the feedback and the encouragement. Onje of the aspects that make this Community special.

Hi Garry, you’ll find plenty of inspiration around here!

A great way to fetch your hobby into the light…

Welcome to the forum Garry. Going through the whole course will fill in any gaps you may have.

Thanks for your welcomes. Looking forward to becoming a more active member.

Hello Garry and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

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Hi Garry a very warm, heatwave warm, welcome to the community.
There are plenty of older learners here … have you seen the old dogs / new tricks topic? Older guitar students / Can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?
Good luck with the finger picking, if you need any help just ask.
As for chord sequences (and, by extension, songs), there have been a couple of topics recently that you may find interesting … Trouble Memorizing Songs and How to memorise chord sequences?

Cheers, Richard

Thanks Richard I will check these out.

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