Hello from Belgium

Hi all,

My name is Cyril, im almost 41y (next week :laughing:) and live in Belgium.
I bought my first guitar 11y ago, a nice Fender Stratocaster MIM. I had some lessons and played like 2 months i think. Then my daughter was born, amazing, but i leaved the guitar in a corner. Too much things to do, work, sport, family time. And when i had some free time, didn’t have the motivation to play guitar.
3y later, my son was born, so in the past 11y, sometimes i grabbed my guitar for 3-4 days, and then again stopped for several months.
Untill this year in April, i thought, now it’s time, I want to practice and learn to play guitar!
And since then, practiced with the Justin Guitar App. I play almost everyday (since 5y I’m a firefighter, so i work 24h and then I’m 3 days at home, so that gives me lot of time for my hobbys since the kids are at school and my wife at work :grin:).
Then in July, I bought myself what for me was my dream guitar, a nice Gibson Goldtop (Slash Victotia model). And i really really like to play it, i like playing so much that if there’s a day that i can’t play, im almost getting nerves :rofl:).
So now im continuing to follow the Justin guitar courses, and 1h a week, I’m playing together with a guitar teacher. That’s really fun for me, he’s teaching me the different scales to learn to play solos, it’s fun to do it next to the Justin guitar course.
So here a few pitures of my guitar gear. Yesterday i was having some fun with the riff I Sat By The Ocean by Queens of the Stone Age. But have to.figure it out how to post a little video.
I’m starting to be relaxed when playing the barré cords, so happy with that progression :grin:
Anyway, keep on playing all! And keep posting lot of guitar stuff !!! It’s cool to read all those things from people all around the world, sharing the same passion: music, guitar music :grin:



Hi Cyril and Welcome to the Community!

Looking forward to your “Dad Rocking” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love the look of the guitar in the floor stand.

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Welcome to the forum Cyril

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Welcome from a fellow Belgian! Enjoy your adventure with JustinGuitar!

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Hello Cyril,

welcome to the forum! I really like the pictures on the wall that your kids created for you. Lucky you that you have enough time for your passion. Congrats on your progress, so nice to read. :+1:



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Hello Cyril & welcome!!!
Cool gear you have & I am ready to hear you Rock Out!!!

What do you aspire to play - your ultimate “Dreamer” song? Mine is Django Reinhardt’s Minor Swing! I’m consolidating Grade 2 so have a ways to go before I can play any Django…
Good luck with the journey!!!


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Hey Tod,

Thanks! Yeah the Goldtop was my dream guitar, it plays so nice and the sound is great, that’s helping a lot to stay really motivated :grin:
My ultimate guitar song, would be something from Guns 'n Roses, maybe Estranged. The sound of Slash in his Solo’s is just incredible. But for now I’m following the Justin guitar course, I’m not trying to try to rush it, step by step going forward. I’m ending grade 2 normally today. Can’t wait to soon start grade 3 :grinning:
I also really like the sound of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. His sound is so special, music is sublime. (Maybe I’ll need another guitar to tune it in C :rofl: as a lot of songs from Queens of the Stone Age are in C tuning. A nice Maton guitar from Australia maybe :innocent:).
I’m trying to find how to show some videos, also for myself to hopefully see my own progression in the future.
For the moment, it’s filmed with my phone, so the sound quality is not the same i think. Also the only way is to post it in youtube to link it here ?

Have a nice day !!


Hey Franz,

Yeah my daughter loves to make drawings and is so sweet (well, most of the time :rofl: sometimes she changes in a little devil :smiling_imp:).
Yeah I’m lucky with the time I have to practice, it helps a lot that I can make some noise without having to be worried that I’m breaking the ears of my wife or kids (my daughter actually likes to play with her toys when im playing guitar in the same room, the other side of the room, is where all the toys of the kids are stored).

Have a nice day and keep rocking!


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The Gibson (my favorite :grin:) or the acoustic Walden on the other picture ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and welcome to our community Cyril. :slight_smile:

That is a sweet looking setup. Love the Goldtop.

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Hi Cyril, Welcome to the community, love the guitars and whatever make you want to pick it up is great.
Good luck with your journey looking forward to seeing you rock out :love_you_gesture: :guitar:

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Over the years this will become …, well…, different… :laughing:

On a more serious note, this is so nice - kids are playing while the dad is providing the appropriate sound layer :guitar: :smiley:

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Good to meet you Cyril, welcome! Some terrific looking gear you’ve got there and it sounds like you’re making grand progress. Keep on having fun :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community, Cyril! :slight_smile:

Glad you found the inspiration and motivation to pick up the guitar again (and now even get nervous if you can’t play :sweat_smile:). That’s a nice little collection you already have and even better having you drean guitar that keeps you in. :smiley:

Wish you loads of fun on your journey and looking forward to hearing more of you.

Cheers - Lisa

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Cyril, welcome to the community forum. You have a nice collection of guitars and the Gibson LP gold top is the guitar that gives you the passion to play.

I had trouble posting my first video and found it helpful to use the beginner space in the community recording section:

Have fun learning to rock on your guitars.

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Hi Cyril,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
And you already have some nice stuff there :sunglasses:

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Hi Cyrill, welcome. Good you found some time for the guitar. That time with the little ones only happens once and doesn’t come back. Now that they are somewhat ooolder :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and your work schedule allows it you’re catching up.

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