Hello from Es, a first time learner

Practising right handed for the last month …and realising left handed is feeling better for me .


Welcome Es, you’ve landed in a cosy place for a first timer. Is your guitar right or left handed? I guess you know that Justin has a series of lessons where he plays left handed as a beginner? He calls himself Nitsuj. Just in case you don’t Nitsuj Module 1 - Practice 1 | JustinGuitar.com

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Thank you Batwoman !
I naturally pick up and hold the guitar with the left hand but I borrowed a right hand one and have persevered for a bit but its just not feeling right so have sent of for a left handed ….will have a look a Justins Leftie lessons ! …it will either click I’m taking up my friends suggestion that I try playing the Triangle or Recorder :roll_eyes::joy:

Welcome Es, if you feel it more natural to play LH stick with it, you’ve had a bit of a rocky road so far so everything is going to get better! It’s not a race to learn how to play, I’ve been learning for nearly 60 years now and am still learning. Take your time, be patient and enjoy it, the rewards are immense!
Good luck and keep with it!

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Hi Es and welcome. Like Maggie mentioned you can follow along with Nitsuj for a left handed guitar journey.

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Hello Es! Well, it’s worth exploring the lefty guitar playing if it feels more comfortable holding it.I say this because my husband is right handed, but felt he never could groove playing that way, and now plays only the other way round. It just seems to fit, he says. So, explore and try both ways! Enjoy either way, and welcome!

Hello Es, a warm welcome to the forum.
That’s a short introduction and I’m not sure if it is a question … just in case I would like to direct you to a topic made by fellow mod @LievenDV about lefty vs righty.

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Welcome to the Community, Es. I’m sure you’ll soon figure out, which way feels most natural to you (remembering that it all feels a bit awkward when you first start out). Enjoy the adventure.

Thank you DarrellWthat is so encouraging .

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Thank you Heather ,Im cracking on with it !

Thank you very much I will keep on going !

Thank you for the info .

Hello and welcome Esme. :slight_smile:

Glad you realised you were a lefty, sooner rather than later.

Thanks SgColon ……I write with the right ,eat with the left , and a mix of both hands for anything else …was borrowing my Husbands right handed guitar. Now I have a very cheap Harley Benton ST-20LH SB arriving today …fingers crossed now …on both hands😀

Hello Esme. A very warm welcome to this community.

Hi Es, lots of advice and encouragement, so can’t add much more. Find out which is best for you and then the worlds your oyster, just ditch the triangle !! :sunglasses:

:joy:Thanks all for the support and info . :hugs:

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