Hello from Indiana

I started to learn guitar around 1964, was basically self taught. Started a band in '65, we did a few gigs, mostly at local school dances. I kinda lost interest when in the military during the early 70’s.

Fast forward to more recent times, in 2019 I was at a local music festival talking to a lead guitarist and mentioned I wish I could play like that. He said " You could if you wanted to". So I purchased a 6 string acoustic ( I do still have my original electric guitar, but no amp). I started to just goof around with the guitar and my wife wife purchased some lessons for me at a local shop. Guess she had enough of my hacking.

Took lessons for a year, then Covid hit and everything shut down. Found Justin Guitar and have been at it ever since. Just finishing up the level 3 modules. Bought and amp and had my old electric refurbished, now I can torture the dogs next door.

I mostly play old rock, my teacher (when I took lessons) got me into bluegrass but just can’t keep the speed up.

For those of you trying to do the math, I’ll be 72 this year. As long as can move my fingers, I’ll be playing.



Welcome Charlie. Your story is similar to mine, including the timing. I still have my first guitar too, a ’63 Gibson ES-120T. What is yours?

I’ve been very pleased with the results using Justin’s teachings. I expect you will be, too.



I started on a borrowed Kent guitar & amp, purchased from Lafayette Electronics in NY. I then purchased mine from Straub Music (also in NY)in 65’, it was manufactured by Julio Giulietti in Italy. Can’t remember model (killed a lot of brain cells since then) and no markings on the guitar. I also had a Univox U-305R amp, but that’s long gone. I’d post a picture If I can figure out how.

Good to see another old rocker here ! Welcome Charlie. :sunglasses:

A pic would be great (you can use upload in bar). My equipment history and a pic of the old Gibson is in Dave’s (nhh2oskr) Learning Log

Welcome to the Community, Charlie. Loved the story and look forward to hearing you play.

On a PC, inserting a picture is as easy as dragging and dropping or copy and paste. On a phone I think it is a little more tricky but doable. I’ve just not done it.

Let me know if on a phone, as I know one of the other members figured it out and we can ask him to explain the steps.

Hi Charlie and welcome to the forum! sounds like you are progressing well. You will find plenty of similarly placed people here and all willing to help and provide feedback. If you feel like sharing your progress then we have the #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing section or you might even want to drop in and watch (or take part in) our virtual open mic #community-open-mic-events .

So Here’s a pic of my gear. On the left is my Yamaha 6 string, this is the one that re-introduced me to guitar. In the middle is my Takamine 12 string, a gift to myself for sticking with it.

On the right is my JG electric from 1965.

I purchased the Blackstar about a year and a half ago, not to long after that I found the Marshall on the side of the road looking for a new home. Cleaned it up, replaced some filter caps and the tube (valve) and it works great.


Nice variety of gear to work with. I had not heard of JG guitars. Cool find on the roadside. I’m going to start paying more attention.

Hello and welcome Charlie. :slight_smile:

You have some tasty looking guitars and what a nice find.