Hello from Jeff

Greetings from The Great White North (well, not quite white yet).

I guess U could consider me an Old(er) guitarist. I first learned to play when I was in the military in Alaska over 50 years ago. My buddy taught me the basics and I bought a 12-string acoustic from another friend. I continued to play for several years after I left the military then I stepped away for a number of years.

Now that I’m retired and with the problems with the pandemic, I found myself with quite a bit of time on my hands. So, I decided to check off something on my bucket list and bought myself a Fender Squire Strat and got back in the game.

The first thing I discovered was that my fingers weren’t as nimble as they used to be (a lot of things ain’t as nimble as they used to be) and I find myself trying to find ‘work-arounds’ for things I used to be able to do. But I’m getting there, and I’ve become quite patient in my old age.

Look forward to communing with you all.

Be safe


Welcome! Where in the Great White North are you? Still in Alaska? I’m in Minnesota.

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welcome to the community, great to hear from you. Yeah, now getting up off the floor can be a challenge. I’m pleased I have no sign of arthritis in my guitar playing hands

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Hello Jeff and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your guitar journey.

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Thanks. I will.

Be safe

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Thank you, I hear U. My knees are shot & I have spinal stenosis. Getting out of bed is sometimes challenging enuff so I try to stay off the floor. Ha,ha.

Stay safe


Hello Jeff, welcome to the community. Enjoy your time here.

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Thanx. I’m sure I will.

Be safe

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Hello Jeff and welcome to the community. Are you beyond the wall, among the white walkers?
In terms of joining with fellow ‘oldies’ you are in good company - check here: Older guitar students - can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?
Cheers :smiley:
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Hope U had a very merry Christmas.

Nope. No white walkers here (at least I haven’t seen any, but U never know, eh?)

After I left the military I returned to Maine. Far enuff north for me these days -and still no snow :sleepy

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Welcome back to the game. Hopefully your fingers will get some of that nimble feeling back.

Thanks, Trevor

I’m afraid that my fingers are as ‘nimble’ as they are ever going to be. I also think that they may have shrunk in my old age. I don’t seem to be able to grab some cords or notes as easily as I used to. But we’ll keep working at it. Between guitar and my wood shop it keeps me off the streets.

Be safe