Hello from Jenny - another new member checking in


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Hi Jenny. A very warm welcome has already been afforded.
My mantra : learn songs, learn sings, learn songs.
There are so many layers and levels of goodness and benefit from doing so.
Songs are what we love, where we have our fun, and where we bring together our learning and skills and more.


Hi @Juniperus !

Don’t worry, we’re all in for enjoying music in all facets it can offer us.

Everybody is free to use the material in the fashion and at the speed they desire.

We DO encourage to share but sharing can mean a lot of things;
ideas, opinions, dreams, purchases, samples, comparisons, recordings, advice,…

It’s hard to tell where people will go to and how they will grow. I though I would never perform and never sing and play guitar together and now these are the things I enjoy most in life. If I couldn’t predict that for myself, how can one expect from you to grow towards being a performer? perhaps you grow into composing stuff? Or you find super effctive methods to medidate through music? Or you find a whole new level of understanding and enjoying music, privately but profoundly? those are all wonderful paths :wink:

Meanwhile ther is a spin-off thread about “peer pressure” …
because it is an interesting topic but it does not need to happen here
Peer pressure & sharing recordings

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Great motivational story Lieven. You are very talented in playing and singing. I loved your version of Nothing Compares to You. I never thought I could do it either, but here I am playing in front of strangers even though I still need to improve a lot. I put myself out there anyways and for the most part people thank me for playing. Nobody says that F chord of B minor doesn’t look quite right. lol

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In my experience it’s usually not a planned thing. The typical course of events goes something like:

  • You see an acoustic guitar sitting over in the corner.
  • You start talking to the owner about it, or maybe you pick it up and start tuning it, or playing it a bit by yourself in the corner. Alternatively, maybe the guitar is there and you don’t do anything, but someone knows you play the guitar…
  • Someone asks you if you play, or asks you to “play something”, or asks you to play a specific song.
  • You play a song, and more people start gathering around.
  • Someone starts singing (maybe you, maybe someone else).
  • Everybody starts singing.
  • Someone requests another song…

Of course, once you’re comfortable with how that usually goes, you could definitely instigate the whole thing if you wanted to… :slight_smile:

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My response: I will, I will, I will. :wink:

Message received and understood - thanks Richard, very pleased to meet you! :smiling_face:

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Hi there Lieven, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that’s very true – I don’t want to think too far ahead and second guess what’s around the corner, I’ll just concentrate on enjoying the lessons in the here and now and see where my learning eventually leads me… and it might be not where I expect at all, I’m thinking that’s all part of the adventure :guitar:.

It’s really lovely to hear that you find so much enjoyment from your playing and performing. Many thanks indeed for sharing your thoughts with me on this, Jenny.

You should just know that when I have a bit more spare time I’m now going to have to look for this … :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahh, thanks for that Jason, you’ve set the scene very nicely – I can visualise it clearly :smiling_face:.

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I’m a bit late on the welcoming since i’ve been quite busy lately. But anyway, Welcome!

You just remind me that i have my learning log to be updated :sweat_smile:. a lot happened since last time and i don’t know if i’ll remember everything

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Hi Edgar, Thank you very much for the welcome, it’s lovely to meet you. I hope you’ve managed to catch up on your learning log since your post. Mine’s sketchy at best so far – it’s a work in progress :laughing: – but I am definitely making the time to play so at least that’s the main thing. :smiling_face: :guitar:

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to send the link, Jeff. I visited this after reading your topic on Finding Yourself and seeing @LievenDV’s comments there – it was great to be able to follow up the words of one of our talented community members with an example from him. Thank you, Jenny :+1:

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You’re welcome, glad to help :slight_smile:

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Yes! I did

As soon as I replied to you, I started the update of my learning log :blush:. So thank you for that and good luck with yours :blush::+1:.

Agree, that’s the priority :metal::guitar:

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Warm welcome Jenny!!

You recieved some great tips allready from a lot of people.
Will just say that i too would never ever sing in front of others… never :rofl:
But i nerved up to put out an AVOYP,since nobody knew me i thought i could survive it… now i sing all the time and i only play songs that i can sing along too. Not life changing, but pretty close :grin:
If not for the AVOYP i would probably not sing much at all…
just my two cents :grin:

All the best in your journey…


Hi, thank you for your warm welcome and good wishes Trond, I’m really pleased to meet you :wave: :smiling_face:. And I think I should add ‘Wow!’ too, because that sounds like a big transition to have made. It’s great to hear about your personal experience on the subject of performing – and to know that making that leap had such a positive and significant impact. Many thanks for sharing your views on this with me. Wishing you all the best too. :guitar:

Welcome, Jenny. I’m new and just saw your introduction. So glad that you are here. I think it is a wonderful goal to commit some songs to memory. I’m a first grader and I have found setting measurable goals to be very helpful in helping me gauge progress. I never though of making a learning Log, but I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing that!

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That is a brilliant response! I love it.

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Hi Rose, Thank you so much for dropping by to say hello – and I send you a massive warm welcome to the community in return :smiling_face:. Thanks to Justin I think we have a very fun learning adventure ahead of us. I’m being patient with myself and am determined to enjoy every step in the right direction.

I think setting goals is a really good idea and helpful for staying motivated. And I do feel that learning songs is going to be beneficial for me - while being able to look back at my learning log in a month, 6 months’ time or a year and see the improvements that have (hopefully!) taken place over time should turn out to be another source of encouragement I think. I certainly hope so, and it’s great to know that you find the idea helpful - I hope it works for you too. I wish you all the best on your journey through the grades. Jenny

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