Hello from Lorraine, France

I’d say that Rosbif (french slang for roastbeef) is more affectionate than disrespectful.

Just my opinion however, I may be wrong.

Moi j’aime bien les Rosbifs !

Welcome, Jena-Michel! I took 3 years of French in high school (back in the 70’s) and there is no way I could write in your language what you wrote in mine. You’re doing just fine!

This is a great place, I’m glad you found us.

Bienvenue dans le community Jean-Michel.

Je suis britannique et suisse et j’habite à Lausanne et aussi en Vaucluse.
J’ai commencé les cours de Justin il y a un an ( aujourd’hui) et les gens dans le Justin Community sont vraiment sympa.

Profite bien!!!

Mais il faut nous montrer une photo de ta guitare!!!


… ou comme une vache folle :wink:

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Bonjour Jean-Michel from another non native speaker! I hope you’ll have a great time here!

Welcome to the community. Great to read your story. I started at the age of 53 after dreaming about it all my life. Now, 13 years later, I’m so glad I stuck to it for those first couple of months when progress seemed particularly slow. When the rewards start to come, they really roll on. Look forward to hearing more from you

Hey thanks to all who replied, I really appreciate it.

Is here a good place to ask questions about my guitaristic hurdles ?

Or is there a better space

kind regards

Hi Jean-Michel and welcome to the community but I’m sorry that I didn’t understand a single word of your story as I’m Liverpudlian and Google translate doesn’t do Scouse. :laughing: :rofl:

Just kidding. :+1:

Welcome to the community. Music is truly good for the soul and to play is next level over listening. I love that Justin constantly encourages you to learn to make music, not simply just to play music that others have made. He is such a good teacher.

Keep up the good work!
♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚.

Hello Jean-Michel & Welcome!!!

I’m sure you’ll find this a very warm & welcoming place - this Community has the most positive “vibe” I’ve found on the web! Lots of folks from around the globe who love to chat about guitars, gear, learning hurdles & music in general - all in a generally fun way!

If you’re having a particular difficulty, use the search engine & you’ll often find that it’s been talked about many, many times by others in the same situation. If you don’t find an answer, pick what you think is the most appropriate category & start your own thread… people line up to give answers and/or opinions.

Oh, the language thing… lots of non-English speakers here (including some of our Australian friends!!! :rofl:) & your English is very good - so nothing to worry about!

Tod from New Mexico USA

P.S. Almost forgot my advice to new guitarists (yes, you can call yourself that now), if possible, keep your guitar handy - on a stand or wall hanger. That way, you can grab it when you have a few spare moments & get 5-10 minutes of practice in… I like to pick up mine when the coffee’s brewing & have a bit of a play before anyone’s awake!
Also, what Brian said above - we love to see pics of guitars & gear!!! Keep it fun!!!

Just Chatting HERE is probably the best place to create a topic on the subject. Each lesson will have its own Discussion thread here but “hurdles” sounds a bit more generic. Start there and see what happens.



well Liverpudlian as your liver is laying in a puddle ?

Or you’re from this fine city with a great football team and where the Beatles came from ?

Or something entirely different maybe ?

Thanks for your nice message!

As a couple of people asked for a picture of Precious, here she is:

I just hope you’ll like her ;D


Bonjour Jean-Michel, welcome to the community forum. My two years of French language in High School has left me after 42 years. I am sure I was in your region in 1977 when I traveled from southern France to Luxembourg and other countries in the Western Europe but I don’t remember much after all these years. You have a nice looking guitar. Enjoy your guitar journey.

Thank you all again,

I just started my log,

right now I’ll pick Precious and start lessons with Justin!

And I sure enjoy it!