Hello from New York!

Hi all- I am Pamela from NY. I played guitar a LONG time ago in my early teens and then didn’t pick one up for 30+. Restarted during the pandemic. Myson is a musician, and my husband plays guitar also. We did a lot of family recordings also during the pandemic when were all home. Now it’s just me the guitar and a lot of YouTube videos lol.

Just acoustic at the moment - but contemplating trying out electric :slight_smile:


Welcome, Pamela!

Welcome to the forum Pamela

Can’t wait to see some of those videos

Hello from yet an other new community member :wave:

Welcome Pamela, what a great way to spend the lockdown times. Having other people around to play together, is a wonderful thing.
I wish you lots of fun with your acoustic ( I’m also pondering from time to time whether I NEED an electric :wink:), and look forward to hearing more from you :smiley:.

Hello Pamela… Welcome to the community

Welcome Pamela !

Welcome Pamela, sounds like you’re enjoying yourself, keep that up it’s the most important part :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Pamela, welcome to the community, look forward to hearing more from you. Acoustic is my fav by far.

Welcome, Pamela! You’re in good company. A lot of us either waited forever to pick up guitar in the first place. (50 years here) or stopped and started multiple times.

Welcome to the community Pamela!
Join in the fun.

Cheers, Shane

Welcome. I decided to pick up the guitar as my pandemic hobby also. I started on a Yahama acoustic and then after a year I bought an electric.

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Welcome Pamela from Australia

Welcome - love your city!

:wave: and @Keefj200 :wave:

Welcome to the group


Hi Pamela,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun and hoping to see some of the (new) video`s :sunglasses:

Welcome Pamela,
Loofward to seeing your video’s.


Welcome Pamela, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Hi Pamela, welcome! Sounds like you’re on a fabulous path, looking forward to hearing more from you!