Hello from Paul - a mature student in Penrith

Welcome, Paul. Nowhere near to jam. To get out of a rut, perhaps start by recording some songs and posting in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

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Hi Paul,

That cries out for proof…so use David’s suggestion :joy:

This is where I started almost 2 years ago after wandering around a few months of the internet…not the best way for a beginner, but neither are you anymore, but there is a lot of offer and so you might be able to get something ideas come and start again in a very structured way, … wish you a lot of fun

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Hey Paul,
Welcome mate.
Good to see another Aussie here. Not close enough for a jam, but likely plenty of opportunities in your area. Perhaps Facebook or similar has some info on local players/ groups. Music shops too can be good avenues to check out the local scene
Re getting out of a rut. I’d suggest joining in here mate as much you can. Great community; hanging around other like minded guitarists, being accountable in a non stressful, non-judgemental way, getting new ideas etc…that rut will be in the rear-vision mirror in no time.


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Many thanks Roger, certainly some good “rut busting” videos to watch. Really appreciate your reply.

Hi Shane
Thanks mate some great ideas there. Love the rear-vision analogy (idea for some lyrics there? May have been done though).
Penrith in Cumbria Uk though so definitely too far :rofl:
I’ll let you know how I get on. Start with Facebook as our local music shop has just closed.
All the best

Thanks David, I’ll do just that with a “tune” i’ve been working on. A little perfecting to do first though.
Thanks again

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If playing the songs you already now is not inspiring you to grab the guitar, I think that you need new achievable challenges. It can be playing a song you know in a different way, or learning a new song that was previously beyond your skills, or work on a specific genre or technique to name a few. As others have said, here in the different sections of this community, there are many members, at different levels of skills, trying many different things, and contributing with their posts and replies; any of them could be a source of inspiration for you to set new goals.

Hello and welcome to the community Paul. :slight_smile:

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Hello Paul and welcome to the community.
There are many older folk in here … check out the hound compound over here.

Also, for plateaux and ruts, @LievenDV has some wonderful ideas here.

It would help too if you could give us a general idea of what skills / playing ability you do have.


Bought my Yamaha FG300 in 1973 and it’s still going strong nearly 50 years later. Beautiful tone. Learnt lots of 3 or 4 chord songs in my teens and 20’s, even played in a folk band for a while. Never really progressed from that and hardly touched guitar for a few decades until a couple of years ago. Now playing again. Never believed I could ‘sing’ but think this is more confidence that anything else. Guitar is feeling good again but could really do with a nearby guitar buddy - hard to find.
I prefer acoustic but inherited some vintage gibsons so trying to learn electric too.
Lot’s of tips and advice from here and all appreciated.
Thanks Richard and to everyone on the forum.

Welcome Paul.
Like a number of others here, I have a similar story to yours: Played in my teens, took a 45-year break, picked it up again, and found JG. Like you, I would like to find some people to play with. Maybe now that we’re all getting used to dealing with Covid it will become easier. Like many I play along with YT, mp3s, loops, and things I’ve created in GuitarPro, but playing with others brings another dimension. There are a couple of small guitar shops in my area. I’m going to let the people in them know that I’m interested in connecting with people to play. They can assess my level if they want to help make a link.
What vintage Gibson’s do you have? I have the original ’62 Gibson ES120T that I learned on. It’s still playable. It was nice to have an electric in addition to an acoustic when I resumed playing. I’ve since picked up a more capable electric, but I still bring the old one out once a month to relive my youth.


Thank you Dave. yes, a similar story.
My Gibsons are a 66 ES335, a 61 ES345, a 69 SG and a 69 Custum Les Paul. To be honest I’ve not played them a great deal (being an acoustic man) but realise they are a nice collection and so would like to get into playing them a lot more. Your Gibsons look superb.
JG has breathed new life into my guitar interest.
One song I have learned recently is Willin’ by Little Feat (not with Justin) - a nice one to play.

That is a great set of vintage guitars. You have 4 rut-busters just itching to help :smile:
Great song. If you want to put one of those Gibson’s to work, you could record the acoustic part and then play the electric part along with it. It’s not quite the same as playing with another person, but it’s still fun.

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Hot diggity dog.
I can scoot across the A66 from Teesside if you want to pass them on to a good home!

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:rofl: :rofl:
All the gear… and no idea… but this community is helping me get going - thanks for all of your suggestions Richard (except for the last one :sweat_smile:)

I’m very fortunate I know -

PS I was considering Justin’s Italian acoustic Jam but it’s sold out (I’m probably not quite ready this year anyway) - something to aim for next year

:guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

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HI Paul,

I didn’t know where Penrith was -had to look it up lol. The best advice when playing in a rut, and it happens to everyone at some point, is to take a step back. Go back to basics if you need to-what really inspires you to play and if you had one song to play and leave behind for others after your gone what would it be? Justin has a couple of recent videos lately that really inspired me. One was about slowing it down. repeating each section of a song 10 times perfect in a row before moving on. The other video was the sounding lifeless lesson. It really inspired me to let go and play the music with feeling. When someone listening can feel along with you-that’s a victory. Another thing is try something you never thought of playing. You just might find a hidden talent.

Anyways-welcome to the forum. Wishing you the best of luck in your journey. We are here to cheer you on.

Jeff from California

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Hi Jeff
Many thanks for your reply - very much appreciated. Great advice - love the suggestion of going back to basics and choosing just one song. Thanks for the ling to “Sounding Lifeless”. I love these lessons. I loved slowing it down too.
Many thanks Jeff.


Hi Paul, not too far away here nr Brampton ( The a69 one not the one near you ) . I’m actually passing through Penrith tomorrow working at a friends house in Morland. Maybe we could get together at some point.

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Hi Adrian
Many thanks for replying - I’m away this weekend but yes getting together sounds like a good idea. What sort of stuff are you into? Are you the Brampton near Carlisle?

Well, the Brampton 12 miles or so east of Carlisle on the A69 yes.
I’m busy for a while, away next week for holiday so will be awhile yet.
I’m 56, unlike you I feel and look 10 years older :laughing: . Very varied tastes, love listening to Neil Young, Dylan , Springsteen , blues, rock, folk, not really into metal in a big way . As I say very varied, I’ll have a crack at anything on the guitar, only been playing 3 or so years on and off so advancing beginner possibly.

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