Hello from Roy in Washington State


Roy from Seattle, WA. I took what I assume is a common path of a year or so of unstructured self-taught playing on an electric guitar while high school aged. Basic open chords and not much progress. Stopped playing by the time I graduated, although I held onto the guitar.

Fast forward about ten years and I came into possession of an amp from a friend, although I still wasn’t playing guitar. Fast forward about another decade along with a handful of moves, and I was tired of the unused guitar and amp which had become an albatross through my moves. Tired of lugging around gear that would then sit in a corner unused, I decided to give guitar a second chance. And then assuming that my interest fizzled out and I stopped using the gear, I’d get rid of it once and for all.

After a bit of research online and I discovered Justin Guitar. Started up and found that I loved the structure and lessons. I’ve now worked through grades 1-3 and am slowly chipping away at grade 4 and gradually digesting parts of the music theory course.

As I come up on two years of regular playing I’m at a point in my learning where I want to transition more time learning actual songs. Through grades 1 - 3, I played a lot of songs for a week or two and then moved on. However, they were played in passing as part of a lesson. I was interested in learning technique and I skimmed on the advice to balance lessons with personal song playing. Today, the set of songs that I’ve focused more effort on fit comfortably on the fingers of one hand. So in the coming year I’m excited to start rounding out that part of my guitar journey.

Amusingly, the big unused amp that I moved around with for long still sits mostly unused. It’s too loud for me to play in a small room. I ended up using my electric unplugged for a few months and then got myself a nice small practice amp. The big amp makes a great table for my practice amp, so that counts as regular use, right?



Hi Roy, welcome to the community! I wish you a lot of fun exploring all the songs you will learn. Going through the whole Beginner Course will give you a great basis to build on. Ans who knows, one day you will dust off your big amp and blow your audience away….

Hello Roy and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

It’s all about the songs, songs, songs. Hopefully you’ll be able to find that balance.

Also, the big amp should come in for when you start doing gigs. :+1:

Hi Roy,

Welcome to the community glad something clicked and your able to make use of that big amp and guitar that have been calling to you.
Songs that you learnt you can always go back to and refine and embellish :+1:

Hi Roy,
Nice to meet you. Good luck with the song learning and continued guitar progress.
Best wishes,

Hello Roy, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
I’m glad, you’ve found Justin’s course, and with that your love for playing guitar :smiley:.

I wish you lots of fun along your journey while learning many great songs :grinning:.

Hi Roy ,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun and playing time :sunglasses:

Hello Roy and welcome to the community.

Welckme to the Forum Roy

Welcome Roy. Playing songs is what its all about.

Hello Roy & Welcome!

As I was nearing 60 years old (and therefore becoming wise :crazy_face:) , I realized that anytime is a good time to learn! If we just sit around on our, um, posteriors & more or less vegetate in front of the tv or computer, things get a bit stagnant. With guitar, lots of hobbies actually, there’s always the challenge of getting better & therefore, learning new stuff!!! I love that there’s always another chord, picking pattern, string bending technique etc. for me to add to my repertoire! I’m happy for you that you dusted off the “Albatross” & started putting it to use! Way to go! Now, get out your Albatross :guitar: & learn to play Albatross :feather: by Peter Green!!!


P.S. Don’t tell anyone that I’m claiming to be Wise… they’ll cart me off for a mental exam! :scream_cat:

Hi Roy,
Welcome to the gang,
I’m sure hanging out here will inspire you to keep up the practice!

Welcome Roy. Hang onto that big amp, because… you never know!

Welcome to the group,I live in Tacoma .This is a great place to learn

Hey Roy

Welcome to the community. Great to hear you are more focused on learning songs. For me that made a huge difference to my motivation. Now if someone hands me a guitar and says play us something, I can entertain them for quite some time. :slight_smile:

an all to familiar story my friend!! I can only play my “big amp” (which is a small 15w fender) when my wife is away from home. I bought a small practice amp so I can get decent tones without disturbing her (she goes to bed at like 8-9p). This is my 3rd attempt at getting good at guitar, so take heart, you’re not alone, many of us have been there!!!

That is a great point on circling back to refine, embellish, and fill in some of the basic songs that I learned early on. I may need to flip through old lessons and cherry pick some of my favorites to focus on.

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+1 on not disturbing the family with late night practice! Best of times with your practice amp.

Welcome to the Community Roy.
Sounds like a familiar story, though mine started on my 40th. I frequently decribe the following 17 years as me wandering aimlessly around the wilderness until I found Justin. Stuck with it ever since. Hopefully you will do likewise but sounds like good progress bar the songs but looks like you’re addressing that now. Holler for help if you need anything.


Hello Roy, welcome to the community. I’ve found that learning guitar is not linear or straight ahead progress. I’m always going back to fill in the gaps. Have fun going back to learn the songs you missed on your first time through grades 1 to 3.